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Public Relations that’s Measured and Gets Results

Public Relations (PR) is about getting your story across to the people that need to see it.

We help our clients get their story told through product review programmes, media relations, thought leadership, event support and good old-fashioned news.

Our PR services will work to get results for your business. In order to do this we’ll make sure your content appears in the right places, reaches the right audiences and drives potential customers to engage with you and your business.

A successful PR strategy will have clear objectives and simple ways to measure that success. We will identify and monitor these for you from start to finish.

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Public Relations for Technology Businesses

If you have a technical product or service you need people to understand how it can help them, communicate why it is a beneficial investment.

Essentially, you need your audience to understand what differences it will make to their lives.

You need journalists and the media to appreciate its purpose in order for them to share it with their audience, who are inevitably your customers.

We provide technology public relations to our clients, enabling them to reach their audiences. This can be done through product reviews, thought leadership and opinion. We are particularly successful as we help connect our clients with the journalists that matter to their industry.

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B2B Public Relations which Creates Leads

Nowadays, connecting with your ideal business client is more challenging than ever. This is because our audiences are more selective about what they read and from who. B2B public relations is a totally different science due to the differing nature of the target audience.

In order to be successful you need to have messages, news and presence which means that your business is front of mind with your client. At the exact time that they are in market.

Because of this, you need to position yourselves as trustworthy and credible experts in your field.

We work to get our clients content in front of their potential customers. Putting specific, well timed and targetted adverts out there will do a lot more than create brand awareness. It will show you off as being the best at what you do.

Influencer Marketing

Leveraging influential social players to talk about your product or service can be an effective way to grow your business.

Exposing your product or service to a wide and engaged social media following or like-minded individuals is often the fastest way to reach the right people.

Understanding the communities who are interested in your products or market, and engaging in conversations with them is a great way to build advocacy and knowledge for your business. We will help you achieve success by reaching the right social influencers and their followers.

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Making the News

When you’ve got a public relations story to tell, you want to see it covered in the places which reach your audience.

You want to get the right messages across, to the right audiences.

You need your PR to engage with your ideal customers and encourage them to take action.

Digital Glue help our PR clients by getting their news stories into the press. Working across digital and traditional media we help clients identify which press outlets are important to them, and then work with that media to create a PR story which matters to their audiences.

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Being an Expert

As an expert in your field, you need to have a platform to showcase your expertise and share knowledge.

You need to get your insight, experience and understanding across to the people that it matters to, and to who you and your business can help.

We help our public relations clients place thought leadership PR in the media which matters to them.

We help clients define the right messages and create the right content which will drive readership for the media, and will create action from your potential customers.

PR for Imaging and Photography

As a brand in the imaging and photography space it’s important that your products get the same airtime as your competitors.

Within this, you should show how your product can do more for photographers and image makers. Therefore you must demonstrate a clear reason for enthusiasts to purchase your product. You need PR which will grow your sales as well as your reputation as a brand.

We run PR campaigns for the photography industry worldwide. These camapigns work to grow the sales of their products. We do this through effective PR strategies which mean the right messages reach people at the right time within photography titles and publications.

We also work to help our clients place review units, generate news coverage and build relationships with photography press. This in turn will have a positive impact on future PR campaigns.

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Digital Glue is a public relations agency based in Birmingham, as a PR agency we help tell stories to get your business seen. We help clients throughout the UK, get their story told through product reviews, media relations thought leadership, event support and news articles. Digital Glue’s other services include, social media, digital marketing, branding, graphic design and website design.

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