Sixth Form to Digital Glue: My Week Working at an Agency

Why Digital Glue?

My interest in working with Digital Glue came from my enjoyment of marketing modules in my Business Studies at Sixth Form. Learning about how consumers’ behaviour can differ and how to develop a noticeable campaign was always exciting. I wanted to gain real experience straight from an agency to further develop my knowledge. I researched the top marketing agencies in Birmingham and Digital Glue was not only one of the first but they stood out massively due to their well presented website. It set a great first impression of the company, their team and their mission.

During my placement, everyone at Digital Glue was very welcoming and amiable, and the office environment was always enjoyable. I had Amie as my manager, she was always lovely and helpful. She created a programme of work which was very useful as it structured my week.

Working in a marketing agency

My Week’s Programme 

My programme consisted of different marketing assignments for various companies to help me build a portfolio of work to assist with future employment. These assignments covered a range of skills, such as using Canva to create an Instagram reel, or writing a blog and a press release, and researching possible influencers for a company. I worked with several spreadsheets and documents which gave me an insight into how to organise day-to-day work. I also attended a brainstorm meeting during which I learnt how the Digital Glue team works together to build ideas suitable for a client. All tasks were interesting and useful whilst also being quite fun and creative. 


What Did I Gain from This Experience?

I gained useful skills such as designing reels using Canva which I had little experience using so that was helpful and useful for my future employment. I also improved my written communication skills from writing a blog and producing a press release. Both are things I had never done before so it was interesting to learn how both are used in marketing. I learnt about how a press release is a key element of a PR strategy. Research and analysis was something else I enjoyed and found helpful. By researching influencers and testing them against a criteria I was able to decide if they were suitable for the business. Throughout my experience I also developed my time management skill by making sure I was on time everyday by planning my mornings and completing tasks before the end of week deadline. 

Working in an office is different from Sixth form because I had to do more research for my own ideas which helped me learn more about how to source information that was suitable, correctly. My work was also more independent compared to Sixth Form by being given a programme to follow which allowed me to additionally build on my skills, such as organisation, ready for future employment. Managing my own time was also very different, I had to manage my time between tasks across the week and build my routine. 

I appreciate Digital Glue for giving me the opportunity to work with them this week. Everyone was so friendly and my experience was very useful!

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