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Traceable, Results Focussed Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing provides your business with the ability to spend marketing budget in a way which allows you to demonstrate Return on Investment.

Whether you’re using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Digital PR, Conversion Rate Optimisation or Email Marketing, you want Digital Marketing which drives your customers to take action.

Our clients benefit from a two-pronged approach of deep customer understanding which gets messages right for their audience.

Combined with digital know how which optimises campaigns to increase ROI and sales.

Get your online presence right.

Get Your Business Found with Search Engine Optimisation

To help your business get found, search engines like Google need to find your website first.

Search engines have one very simple mission: to help customers find the most relevant information for their search.

On-site SEO techniques ensure your site is optimised technically.

Developing content for your site to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge keeps you ranked well.

Placing content on external sites to build your website’s authority completes the picture.

Get the right SEO package for your business

Google Pay Per Click

Driving traffic to your website via Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google is easy to do.

Driving relevant traffic which converts into leads, requires effective ongoing management and customer understanding.

Developing adverts which engage with your ideal customers is crucial.

Creating and optimising of both search and display campaigns.

Keyword strategies which attract the right audience and stop you getting visitors from the wrong places means a greater return on your investment.

We are proud Google Partners, we have cultivated exceptional PPC skills, resulting in both sustained growth and improved revenue for our clients.

Social Media Pay Per Click

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the demographics available means that your advertising can be more targeted than ever before.

You need a social media Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy on the right platforms for your audience to drive clicks and conversions.

Our clients benefit from clear social media marketing plans which drive relevant traffic and conversions.

Social Media Management

Marketing your business on social media can give you direct engagement with the customers you want to reach.

Whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, you want to ensure that your social media marketing plan is clear and designed to influence engagement and action.

Your social media plan should deliver results for your business.

Use social media to engage with your customer

Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy

Effective digital marketing that creates results requires a clear strategy based on customer requirements.

By pulling together the right digital marketing techniques, you can create a coherent plan which will reach your ideal customers.

Your digital marketing plan needs to incorporate a test and measure process to continually optimise your strategy.

Digital Glue help our clients set digital marketing strategies which work for their business by focussing on their goals and ensuring return on marketing investment.

Online Content Creation

Providing your customers with useful content can help grow your business.

Whether you’re placing content on your own blog or website, or on external websites using PR, it needs to be created with your customer’s challenges and opportunities in mind.

Digital Glue’s copywriters help our clients to create content which engages their audiences and encourages action.

Get digital marketing which drives business

Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation

Once you have created high quality content such as whitepapers, reports, guides or case studies, you then need to make your content work as a lead generation tool. This will bring qualified customers to you.

Once a prospect has downloaded content from your site, ascertaining their interest and providing further useful content is a great way to start a business relationship.

Digital Glue help our clients build databases of qualified and interested prospects with great content creation and effective promotion of that content.

Google My Business

If you want your business to be found, optimising the free Google My Business tool is a great place to start.

Ensuring your business is listed when people search for local services is key, as people want to do business with those around them.

Claiming your Google My Business profile allows you to add images, description, contact details and receive reviews.

Online Reviews Management

Customers place great value in peer reviews when assessing the quality of a product or service.

Ensuring that your business has an effective way of gathering and displaying reviews is crucial for many businesses.

Online reviews add trust and credibility to your website and digital marketing.

Google Ad Grant for Non-profit Organisations

The Google Ad Grant programme provides $10.000 in free Google Ads advertising to select charitable, non-profit organisations.

This excludes governmental entities and organisations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, academic institutions and universities.

Our digital marketing specialists work with Non-profits to help them understand how to get the maximum return from the Google Ad Grant.

Start your free advertising on Google

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains an effective method for reaching your target audience.

To gain – and keep- people’s attention, you need to do a great job of providing useful, interesting, and valuable content to your customers.

Building an email marketing content plan which focusses on your customers’ requirements means delivering which get opened.

Using split testing to optimise your emails means you can create actionable insights from your data and constantly improve your email marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

Website Performance Analysis & Optimisation

Your website is a crucial business tool.

Understanding which elements of your website are working well and which are not can help you make informed decisions about how to improve it.

Using insightful and actionable data from specific website analysis tools, Digital Glue help our clients identify their site’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can generate more business from their site.

Drive more conversions through animation

Whether it’s a subscription to your video channel, a click to complete a contact form or complete a purchase. We help our clients maximise engagement and return on investment.

We include strong calls to action in your animated content which will drive traffic to your website and allow users to take action on your site.

Speak to us about your animation project

What our clients say:

We contacted Digital Glue as they were a local company & we wanted to see if digital marketing would help our business. After our initial meeting, it was obvious these guys know their business inside and out. They have been great at explaining the process to us & have held our hand at times (I am a bit of a dinosaur with these things), guiding us through and we are now seeing some excellent results of their hard work. I would be happy to recommend them!

ACR Stoves

We contracted with Digital Glue to review and manage our digital marketing activity and have been working with them over the past five months. Really pleased with the frequency of communication and the way the team keeps us up to date with the work being undertaken. The team are really responsive to our requests too and willing to help us with ideas on how to improve results.

Hazel Rogers
Head of Commercial, First Intuition

Fantastic company who have supported St Basils, a youth homeless charity in the West Midlands, immensely in growing the brand. We approached digital glue for advice on running successful google ad campaigns. We are 6 months into our work with them and we have already seen some substantial successes off the back of the campaigns we have focused on. Can highly recommend them as they provide an honest, professional and focused approach to their work.

Barrie Hodge
St Basils Charity

Digital Glue – Digital Marketing Agency in Birmingham

Digital Glue is a digital marketing agency in Birmingham. Digital Glue helps businesses throughout the UK, get found online with digital marketing. Our service includes, digital marketing planning and strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and content marketing. Digital Glue’s other services include website design & development, public relations, social media, graphic design and branding.

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