Fotospeed increases e-commerce sales and provides a monthly ROI greater than 5:1

Digital Glue used its expertise to successfully deliver Fotospeed’s first PPC ad campaign, which was aimed at boosting sales. The result saw a consistent conversion rate of 3%.


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The process of starting Google ads was a fairly daunting one but Tony from Digital Glue has made the entire process painless. He explained everything in simple English and is always on hand to answer any questions and always has a cool head. I would have no issues recommending Tony to anyone.

Toby Herlinger



Fotospeed is a UK-based photography and printing company. Fotospeed had no paid online presence and wanted to introduce a quick solution to this to increase sales. Fotospeed ultimately wanted to find new customers that were interested in photography and printing, but weren’t already aware of the business. Therefore, its main goal was to increase revenue and attract more customers.

Fotospeed has a large ecommerce website with over 3,000 products. As a result of this, it was a challenge to create an account structure in Google Ads which could be optimised to boost sales. This is because product campaigns need to be split by product types and categories, with a separate campaign for each category. A large amount of potential campaigns would lead to a complicated ad structure that would be difficult to manage. Upon auditing Fotospeed’s ads account, we found its ad structure was not performing efficiently for the business.

Digital Glue needed to be able to identify popular products and create a campaign structure that was easily managed.


To boost sales, Digital Glue created ad campaigns based on product categories and utilised a product feed for Google Shopping ads. These product feeds share information from Fotospeed’s website on products and stock status with Google. This entailed setting up a Google Merchant centre and creating a feed for products in Google Shopping. 

Because these ads were targeted at the desired audience – customers who are  interested in printing and photography – Fotospeed was able to increase its revenue as users were able to easily find what they were searching for.

Digital Glue began the process by identifying the requirements for advertising. We then came up with a strategy that would meet Fotospeed’s needs, and set KPIs in order to achieve its goals. These were to achieve an ROI greater than 3:1, and a conversion rate of 3%. Once these were in place, Digital Glue began creating the ad campaigns and putting them in place. 

We also ran organic Google campaigns in line with paid shopping campaigns which increased the organic website traffic and delivered organic user transactions with a constant month on month growth.

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