What’s New on LinkedIn This Week?

As always with social media, just as you’ve got your head around what you need to do, something changes.

But not to worry! Not only have we summarised the key changes LinkedIn have made recently, we’ve also shown you how updating your best practices can help your business perform better on the social platform.

So what’s new?

LinkedIn Changes

Whats new on LinkedIn

Moving the call-to-action button

If you manage a LinkedIn page, you may have already been notified. The ‘custom button’ ( a customisable call-to-action button) will be moving to the overflow section on the side of your page.


You currently have a choice on what this button says. For example, our button says ‘Visit Website’. This change will prioritise in-app messaging, encouraging users to stay within LinkedIn to have conversations.

Whats new on LinkedIn

That’s all well and good, but isn’t going to work for everyone.


If you still want users to visit your website, make sure your website URL is included on your page.


You can add this by going to the ‘Edit Page’ view. Your website URL will be displayed on the About section of your Home tab, and under your page’s About tab to help users learn more about your business. This will also help drive social traffic to your website.

Whats new on LinkedIn

If you want users to message your page, make sure you turn the function on. 

Whats new on LinkedIn

This will be one of the primary buttons on your page, allowing users to directly message your page through a dedicated inbox. Make sure that monitoring this inbox is part of your social media routine.


The algorithm doesn’t like external links


You know the drill. Get the CTA and link into the first 2 lines of your caption before the truncation. Well it turns out that LinkedIn doesn’t love posts that try to take people away from its app. 


Makes sense when you think about it. The algorithm’s job is to keep people on the site. So how does this affect you? And what can you do about it?


It means you have to balance the wants of the platform with the needs of your business. What is going to provide the most value to your audience? Content structured around that question is always going to perform best.


It would be worth experimenting with pinning the external link as the top comment on your post. See how that affects organic web traffic, and whether it improves the engagement rates on your posts.


Creator mode is going to be no more

This is relevant if you use LinkedIn mainly through your personal profile, rather than your business page.


LinkedIn is removing Creator Mode, and instead making these features available to everyone. This means everyone will be able to choose between follow and connect as their main call-to-action button on their profile. You can switch between the two anytime, depending on your goals.


It also means that your About section will move to the top of your profile so that people can grasp your story and your featured section will move down. You should still keep it updated with your latest projects and PR for others to see.


Not just on LinkedIn? We’ve got you covered with all the new marketing trends for 2024.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, the key is to make sure your brand is moving with the tides. If you need a hand implementing any of LinkedIn’s new features, get in touch with the team at Digital Glue and we can help get your brand noticed!

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