What Are The Best Birmingham-Based Agencies For Logo Design?

If you see the golden arches anywhere, you’ll instantly recognise it as McDonald’s (and probably get a bit of a fry craving). Or if you see an apple with a chunk taken out, you’ll instantly think of the tech mogul. These are the kind of logos that have been imprinted in our minds over years, that have stood the test of time and, bar a few slight tweaks, have not budged in style. 

These instantly recognisable and iconic logos are the kind that build trust and reliability within your brand and allow your customers to keep coming back. But designing a logo that resonates with your brand, product, audience and values, while remaining simple, memorable and timeless, is no small feat. Your best bet is to find a logo design agency specialising in branding that can help bring your brand to life with a design refresh.

To help you on your search, we’ve compiled some of the best logo design agencies in Birmingham.

Logo design agency birmingham

What Are The Best Agencies For Logo Design?


What they say: 

‘’As a team of thinkers, creatives, dreamers, makers and do-ers, we find the world’s most ambitious tech companies and help them position their brand as the obvious choice. Accelerating growth and winning market share with what we call Perfect Positioning™.’’

Big Cat Limited

What they say: 

‘’Whether you’re a start-up with big ambitions or an established brand in need of a shake-up: we’ll help unearth what really matters. And we’ll tell your audience all about your brand, product or service with mind-changing ideas, meaningful campaigns and design communications that don’t just make people feel good – they do good.’’

Plan B Creative Limited

What they say: 

‘’We take inspiration for our logo design, brand identity and brand design work from across the world: its characters and attitudes, its arts and sciences, its shapes and tones. Graphic design is more than something pretty, it’s part of your relationship with people and businesses. So say something appropriate and profound.’’

Mooch Creative

What they say: 

‘’We love getting to know a brand, figuring out what makes them tick and setting them up in the best possible way to then be unleashed into the world! As a marketing design agency in Birmingham, we understand the complexities required to engage people and get them to ‘buy into’ the brand.’’

How Do I Choose Which Logo Design Agency To Go With? 

Finding the right agency to work with can be a challenge. It’s important that the agency you choose aligns with your company’s vision. Some things to think about are:

  • Collaboration – Look for an agency that will keep you in the loop during the process, listens to your ideas and communicates consistently and effectively. While it might sound tempting to give an agency a brief and then not contact them until the final design is ready, this approach isn’t always effective. Maintaining a collaborative relationship allows you to make changes along the way, ensure the logo aligns with your brand vision, and listen to the designer’s suggestions and ideas.
  • Track record – Find a logo design agency that can show it’s done the job well. Any decent agency will have a list of case studies and wins you can easily check. Take a look at previous logos and branding they’ve done, and see if you like what you see.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Logo Designed?

The cost of logo design varies, as it depends on different factors. You will want to think about whether you just want a new logo, or whether you’re after an entire rebrand. It also depends on the reputation of the agency itself, as well-regarded agencies will naturally be more expensive. But, if you want a logo that stands the test of time and won’t look outdated within a year or so, it’s better to put more money behind it.

To find out more about costs for logo design, have a read of our blog, or feel free to get in touch.

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