Why a pattern library isn’t as scary as it first seems

By Ben Goodman 2 years ago
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Pattern Library

Your website is one of the biggest marketing assets you have, therefore making sure your website is consistent visually keeps your visitors engaged in your brand and business longer.

What’s a pattern library?

Simply put, a pattern library is a collection (large or small) of user interface elements, if an element is used in multiple places within your website, then you should turn that element into a pattern, something repeatable and reusable, a consistent colour, a consistent header size, etc.

A pattern library is a very effective way to make sure all elements throughout your website are consistent, this can be colours, typography, link styles or fully styled elements such as navigation bars and contact forms.

pattern library

Why do I need a pattern library?

Making sure the touch points of your brand are consistent throughout the users’ interaction with your brand reaffirms your brand positioning, and strengthens users’ ability to know that they’re interacting with your brand. Additionally, the library reduces inefficiencies the next time you introduce a designer to your brand, a fantastic example of a very comprehensive pattern library is Atlassian’s. (https://atlassian.design)

Maintaining your website and brand consistency

Pattern Library

From keeping your logos, brand colours, typography, tone of voice and UI elements within a cohesive pattern library, you’ll ensure the next designer or person to interact with your brand has a clear direction and a single truth for what your brand is, what your brand does and how your brand communicates.

A great place to get started is to create a brand guidelines document for your brand this can include all of the individual elements that make up your brand, from here your website designer will be able to expand on this to develop a pattern library when designing and developing your website.

If you have any questions about pattern libraries or brand guidelines please drop me an email at [email protected] and I’d be happy to offer you advice, or visit our website design page to find out more about our service.

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