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TAC Insights’ Brand New Identity Resonates With its Audience

Following a company restructure and management buy out, TAC utilised Digital Glue’s expert branding, messaging and website development in order to create a new website and branding that resonated with its audience. 

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TAC Insights

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What TAC said...

“We’re thrilled with our rebrand, Digital Glue has really captured the ethos of the company and the culture of our people. Our story is quite a unique one. Yet I felt Digital Glue managed to grasp our need to maintain our heritage, whilst striving to bring a freshness to our new brand that portrays our innovative and progressive nature. The team at Digital Glue were very good at gathering our thoughts and carving them into a vision which showcased our ideas better than we could ever describe. The added complexity of an international team and a need for a dual language website did provide some rethinking but there was always a solution.”

Kerry Lenihan

Head of Global Marketing


Following acquisition of its former parent organisation and a carve out of its events business, TAC needed to create its own identity, whilst still engaging with its current audience and communicating the same values. 

  • TAC Insights faced confusion with its legacy naming and identities, and needed a single consistent brand that still resonated with its audience.
  • TAC Insights’ former website was not optimised for the user journey. It was text heavy and the company wanted to create a clearer and crisper message for its customers 
  • Digital Glue needed to create a clear visual identity and messaging that matched, as well as a website that was easy to understand and navigate.
  • The updated website needed to pin TAC Insights as industry leaders in its spaces, and clearly convey TAC’s role.
  • Digital Glue also needed to solve the challenge of ensuring the UK branding and messaging could be transferred to the TAC’s German language business


  • Created branding that aligned with its audience and portrayed the feeling of ‘community’. This included a freshened logo and a 3-way colour palette that was both modern and engaging.
  • Established messaging that included key messages and a word bank that matched TAC’s ethos of community and connection.
  • Created a website with clear, to-the-point content and easy navigation. 
  • Highlighted the value of TAC’s events, pinned TAC as knowledge experts within the industry and turned the website into an informational hub.


TAC Insights achieved impact within its community thanks to a website that clearly portrayed its key messages.

  • Created a website with an incredibly fast load speed of 1 second.
  • Established a clear visual identity and key messages
  • Pinned TAC Insights as industry leaders
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