Midven grows through relevant and concise investment announcements

With carefully executed investment announcements, Digital Glue has supported Midven’s success in the past four years

Since the beginning of the relationship between Midven and Digital Glue, Midven has announced over 30 MEIF investments. 

The Digital Glue team has since 2018 secured more than 440 pieces of coverage with more than 4.9 million estimated coverage views. The coverage was published in high-quality regional, trade and business publications.

The coverage has helped place Midven as the leading investment firm in the Midlands and has supported their investment objectives.

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What Midven said...

We have a long standing and successful partnership with Digital Glue, which has not only benefited us as a business but also our portfolio companies where their services have also been hugely valuable, especially in helping them develop marketing strategies/plans and tasks whilst they have nascent marketing functions

Roger Wood

Director of Midven


When making announcements to the media about MEIF investments made through Midven, the challenge is three-fold.

  1. Bringing awareness to the portfolio companies that Midven has invested in. 
  2. Delivering a cohesive message that retains the communicative integrity of three institutions of very different nature – the British Business Bank (BBB), Midven and the portfolio company. The messaging must be relevant, collaborative, succinct and most importantly, timely.
  3. Providing clear communications that demonstrates Midven’s collaborative approach to funding, their expertise and the MEIF scheme to early stage, technology and SME markets.


As soon as the team receives details of an investment completion, they get to work on coordinating the messaging for Midven and the portfolio company. This involves identifying the unique proposition from the portfolio company and making it relevant to the appropriate audiences. Digital Glue will also coordinate with Midven and the BBB team to devise a complementary and supporting message before sharing the story with the media. 

In order to reinforce the messaging efforts, Digital Glue also works with the Midven team to deliver blog content, case studies and newsletter to demonstrate Midven’s expertise and diverse sector knowledge. 

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