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Marketing your business on social media can give you direct engagement with the customers you want to reach.

Whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or YouTube, you want to ensure that your social media marketing plans are clear and designed to influence engagement and action.

Your social channels need to go beyond image, they should deliver results for your business.

Social media marketing has the power to connect you directly with your existing and potential customers.

Social Media Management

You want your social activity to be regular, consistent, and on brand.

Managing social channels effectively combines detailed planning and co-ordination whilst being reactive to what’s going on around you.

You’ll need to start by building a social media content plan.

You will also need to have the resource and knowledge in place to take advantage of what’s going on in your market and the world around us. No matter whether its specifically using social media marketing in Birmingham, London, the UK or worldwide social media marketing.

Generating Leads with Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising gives us more insight into our customers than ever before.

We can target our customers and prospects based on a deep and wide range of demographics and behaviours.

For your business, this means a more targeted and efficient advertising model.

It means you can reach out to eligible and relevant leads for your business before you start.

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Social Media Training

Often, the best social activity comes from inside your business.

Training your team to deliver great social media goes beyond the basics of exactly how to take specific actions (although that’s important!).

We can train your team on strategy creation, tips and tricks to help with growing your following, increasing engagement, and day-to-day management of a social strategy.

Getting your team to effectively use social media to promote your business can save money and also increase your speed of growth.

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Social Media Strategy Creation

If your team is delivering social activity, but you aren’t sure whether you’re doing the right things, getting a clear social media marketing strategy in place is the first step.

Your strategy should define your audiences, the channels they want to be communicated on, and the messaging needed to reach and engage with them.

Making your social media efficient and well directed begins with a clear strategy, which can be turned into an action plan and delivered by a team who know your business inside out.

Building an Online Community

Building a community on social media goes beyond simply creating a following for your business or brand.

Having a truly engaged group of followers who are loyal to your brand opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Being able to conduct customer research, get honest customer feedback about business or product performance, and having the ability to leverage your communities following by encouraging sharing can drive significant benefits.

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Influencer Engagement and Management

Leveraging influential social players to talk about your product or service can be an effective way to grow your business.

Exposing your product or service to a wide and engaged social media following or like-minded individuals is often the fastest way to reach the right people.

Understanding the communities who are interested in your products or market, and engaging in conversations with them is a great way to build advocacy and knowledge for your business.

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PR Through Social Media

A massive part of news and journalism happens on social platforms.

Engaging with journalists, bloggers, and vloggers through social media is often the right thing to do.

You can achieve engagement and have conversations with journalists that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Building social outreach and understanding into your PR plans is a great way to boost your PR activity.

Here’s how we help businesses with PR

Boost your engagement through animation

Animation is a highly effective way of getting your content across to your user in two minutes or less. It’s a great way to get your personality across social media.

Users are more likely to share and like videos than they are to share a web page. Sharing your animated content on your social channels is a great way to drive more traffic to your website.

Increase engagement through animation

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