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By Holly Goldingay 2 years ago
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Tokamak Energy

About Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy is a fusion energy company accelerating the development of fusion power. 

Tokamak Energy’s mission is to change the way the world generates power – forever. They are developing a scalable fusion solution that will give the world an attractive new base-load power source that is plentiful, safe, cost effective, secure and clean.

Over the next 12 – 24 months Tokamak Energy needs to raise a significant investment to bring their solution to market. It needs to do this while maintaining its industrial and scientific credibility and raising the profile of fusion energy overall.


The Challenge

As part of this strategy to educate, inform and impact, Tokamak Energy had created a framework for an educational video. This video featured interviews with staff members detailing the impact of a switch to fusion energy for the world, and the place that Tokamak Energy have in that process. The video focused on fusion as a route to solving the global climate change issues.

Tokamak Energy wanted to accompany this live footage with a series of animated short videos to support the information in a visual and easily digestible format. 

The video couldn’t be longer than five or six minutes including the new animations in order to be informative, whilst still keeping the viewer engaged. It was important that the animation did not detract from the narration. The animation had to balance technical accuracy with a simplistic but visually appealing design.


Our Response

We had to deliver a creative concept that visually depicted the audio description and technical explanation. This involved interpretation on our part of Tokamak Energy’s solution in order to deliver animated visuals.

During the concept stage we reviewed examples of animated videos that featured technical scientific and technological subjects. We created moodboards that featured design styles and colour palettes to compliment Tokamak Energy’s brand. 

We had still photography of a tokamak itself and imagery that depicted how the technology worked. We took the still images and recreated them in an illustrative format that not only represented the size and scale accurately, but still retained the artistic license and design style we had developed.

Once we agreed upon the style, we worked on creating storyboards for the series of five animations. The storyboard included line drawings with explanations. We went through a process of refining the storyboards to ensure Tokamak Energy was happy with the style and our depiction of their narration before moving forward with the animation. We picked a clean colour palette to match the simplistic illustration style to blend seamlessly with the live video instead of distracting from it.



We delivered five 15 – 35 second animated videos that were used throughout the final five minute explainer video. The clean and simple style of animation works perfectly alongside the video interviews, providing a visual depiction of a technical solution that is easy to understand.

The animated sequences have since been used within other Tokamak Energy videos as well as for presentations and their website, becoming a significant asset in their marketing collateral.

“The Digital Glue team were able to quickly understand what we required for our video and help us settle on a suitable style for the animations.  We had regular calls to talk through ideas and refine the animations at each stage, so we always felt that we were part of the process and knew that we would be happy with the end result.”

Melanie Windridge, Communications Consultant at Tokamak Energy.

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