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By Holly Goldingay 3 years ago
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Founded in 1970, Datacolor are a leading colour management hardware and software provider for the photography market. Their products are used by over 1 million photographers globally to help them ensure accurate colours in every step of their workflow – from capturing an image, through to the editing stages, and finally through to print. Datacolor’s biggest products are their display calibration devices, also known as a Spyder.


Datacolor needed to launch their latest product, SpyderX, into the photography market. There hadn’t been a new significant product in the colour management market for several years, and they wanted to leverage that fact to ensure that there was a huge amount of interest in SpyderX, which would translate into sales.

Digital Glue were tasked with creating an international product launch through PR and social media which would gain global interest, increase engagement, and generate sales of SpyderX across the world. In addition to this, they wanted to tease the product prior to the launch to ensure that they still had the attention of their audience, after what had been a relatively quiet time for colour management.


The decision was made shortly before launch day that Datacolor needed to tease SpyderX in order to make sure that there was enough interest to start sales off from a strong position. Therefore, we needed to come up with a teaser campaign for social media – and we needed to do it quickly.

We brainstormed campaign concepts and landed on the idea of ‘The Best X Ever’. This tied in perfectly with Datacolor’s brand positioning for SpyderX, as their key marketing message was that SpyderX is ‘the best Spyder ever’. The campaign also nodded subtly to the product name, while adding to the mystery of what the product was – ‘X’ is commonly used to refer to something that is redacted, or yet unknown. We also decided to create a global competition which would run for 4 days, giving people the chance to win the mystery product before it launched, and giving Datacolor an extra boost to their email marketing database prior to the launch.

We then set to work creating an array of social media collateral, including engaging animations using quotes from brand ambassadors who had tested the product. Next, we created a landing page for the competition and put together a paid social plan to give the campaign maximum exposure.


We delivered a large-scale teaser campaign from concept to execution for SpyderX in about two weeks and achieved great results for Datacolor ahead of their product launch. In addition, post-launch we achieved an increase in KPIs across all of Datacolor’s social channels which contributed to a strong product launch.

Key results include:

  • 750+ competition submissions and 500+ email marketing sign-ups over 4 days
  • Engagement doubled across Datacolor’s Twitter and Facebook channels in the first month after launch
  • Average traffic from social media to the SpyderX microsite averaged 22% in the first 4 weeks – over double Datacolor’s usual web traffic

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