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Pireta are an early stage technology company, based at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington. Their patented technology creates smart textiles by adding conductivity to fabrics at any stage from yarn to completed garment, without affecting handle, drape or stretch.


As an early stage business already invested in by the Rainbow Seed fund, Pireta (was Star-Tex) needed a business name, branding, a website and the collateral to help them pitch for further funding and in short time, new business opportunities.

The Pireta team had been operating under an existing name, and on further investigation it became clear that this name would struggle to be unique in their market place, so a new business name was required. They also needed to refine their messaging for use on a new website and supporting collateral. Finally, they needed a visual identity and brand which reflected their business.


We held an ideal client session with the Pireta team to help both themselves and us clarify what audiences they were aiming to target, and for us to understand the product in more detail.

From there, we gathered the Digital Glue team together for a naming brainstorm to explore ideas for a business name which derived from the technology Pireta created. To give direction to our naming work, we broke our brainstorm down into key themes; fabric, future, high tech, electric, and wearable. From these themes, we defined an array of keywords, and then picked four of these which we developed naming concepts from. From the eight concepts created, one stood out to both us and the client: Pireta. Sometimes when looking for a business name, looking to the animal kingdom can give us inspiration. We were exploring the theme of the conductivity being hidden or invisible, and were looking at camouflage and animals which hide when we came across the blushing phantom butterfly.

Its scientific name, Cithaerias pireta, inspired the idea of Pireta, which means phantom in Latin. Pireta’s technology is hidden, subtle and connected. The blushing phantom’s translucence exposes the structure of its wings, which is a great metaphor for the connectivity enabled by Pireta’s process.

Once the name, Pireta, was agreed, we began to develop a logo which needed to reflect high tech, professionalism and innovation. By adapting a woven piece of material with technology, we produced a logo which portrayed a vibrant, energetic and exciting business.

The brand creation didn’t stop there, we later went on to produce an initial WordPress website, business cards, brochures and other promotional material – all of which retained the vibrant and exciting colour palette positioned alongside the material movement taken from the core logo.


In the space of two months an early stage invested business went from no name, no brand and no supporting material, to a business with a strong and unique brand name and brand identity. Pireta now has a website which clearly communicates their brand messaging and supporting collateral which enables the Pireta team to seek further investment, and begin discussions with possible business partners and customers.

“Star-Tex engaged Digital Glue to develop branding for our fledging startup working in the new exciting area of smart-textiles. The brief included website, logo, brochure and templates. We had engaged Digital Glue but immediately decided to change our name. Digital Glue were tasked to suggest a new name, with the upshot “Pireta” was born, something the team was very pleased with. Digital Glue amply delivered our needs with imagination, innovation and design. They responded well during the development stages and were very helpful.”

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