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By Holly Goldingay 2 years ago
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Pireta are an early stage technology company, spun out of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and now based in Teddington. Their patented technology creates smart textiles by adding conductivity to fabrics at any stage from yarn to completed garment, without affecting handle, drape or stretch.


We were approached by Pireta in 2018 with a requirement to create a video. We had already established a relationship with Pireta when we previously worked on their brand and website, and also provided them with broader marketing support. 

Pireta explained that the video had to create a sense of intrigue and explain how their technology works, without being able to physically see it. 

The main objective for this video was to create a lead generation tool that would interest and enable other tech-related businesses to see the potential in Pireta’s solution and become future partners. They needed a way to visualise the potential of their technology without being able to show it so that it could be used at events, exhibitions and business meetings.


The first thing we needed to do was establish the objectives of the video, the target audience and what key messages needed to be conveyed. We facilitated a workshop with Pireta’s Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Chris Hunt, and Chief Commercial Officer, Ian Russell, to identify the best response to the video. It was during the discovery workshop that we realised that Pireta needed two videos, that could also be combined into one longer video.

The first video would be the ‘hook’ and act as an attention grabber. The video would not focus on any technical detail, instead the goal of the first video would be to catch people’s attention, create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the opportunity. The video had to be aspirational and create an opportunity for further user engagement.  

The second video would act as an explainer video, going into more detail about the technology itself. It was important that the second video really emphasised that there was nothing else like this technology in the marketplace. 

Once we agreed to create two videos, we worked on the messaging and wrote the script. We wanted the language to be aspirational and completely benefit-driven. Once the scripts were approved we moved on to creating mood boards to help us establish the style for the videos. We used colours built around Pireta’s brand principles and created visual assets from scratch to accompany the messaging. We combined conceptual artwork with live action footage to create animations that emphasise the technological break-through of their solution. 

We included a strong call to action to encourage viewers to engage with Pireta and start a conversation with them.


We created six videos in total for Pireta, the interest video and the explainer video with and without subtitles, and the final version in its entirety with a subtitled version. Having six videos gives Pireta the flexibility to use it as a lead and brand awareness tool for different audiences and different environments such as at exhibitions or at a business pitch.

“We were pleased with the process and happy with the results. The team spent time understanding the proposition and making sure the technology was positioned properly, with the benefits clearly communicated. We had plenty of opportunity to provide input and feedback, and our feedback was taken into account throughout the process.”

Ian Russell, Chief Commercial Officer at Pireta.

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