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By Holly Goldingay 5 years ago
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Pathway Group

Pathway Group is a leading apprenticeship and training provider based in the Midlands. They offer a range of services related to employment, such as recruitment, on-the-job and pre-employment training, NVQs/QCFs, and apprenticeships.

The Challenge

Pathway Group’s aim was to demonstrate their depth of understanding of the SME and local marketplace to potential clients, whilst also sharing relevant and useful information amongst their peers.

Our Response

We assessed that the most effective way of demonstrating knowledge was through sector-relevant content. Pathway Group’s Managing Director, Safaraz, already had a large following on Twitter and LinkedIn so it made sense to utilise this. Each week, we produce a topical article to publish on LinkedIn and share on Twitter. We then transfer this article into a presentation and Animoto video, producing a ‘full set’ of media that Pathway Group can share with various contacts.

Pathway Group have gained a reputation for posting regular useful content and are now even more well-respected and connected than before. The new connections they have gained are quality and have furthered their respected reputation amongst their community.

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