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OnS (Oxford nanoSystems) develops advanced and highly innovative coating technologies that enhance energy transfer within heating and cooling systems. OnS coating technologies enable heat exchangers to be made smaller, lighter and more efficient – and at lower cost. The company is based in Abingdon in Oxfordshire.

Digital Glue was approached by OnS’ new CEO Ian Russell in March 2020, to help reposition the business from an invested R&D based business to a credible commercial enterprise.


To help OnS be seen as a credible commercial enterprise, and a serious partner for the world leading brands which could utilise their technology, they required a new brand identity and website to match.

The brand identity would project a modern, confident image, and their identity including language would be simplified to communicate clearly and directly with their target audiences.

The website would be an extension of this brand identity and clearly communicate the technological benefits of the OnS solution, as well as illustrate the markets which could benefit most from applying their solutions. 

Finally, the site needed to show off the technical credibility of the OnS team.


Ideal Client and Messaging development

In order to create the branding and positioning, Digital Glue kicked off the process with an Ideal Client session. This session identified the key target customers for OnS, and helped identify their characteristics, challenges and the ways in which OnS could help them.

This information then informed a detailed messaging conversation, identifying the clear messages which needed to be communicated by OnS and to whom.

Visual Identity and branding

With this information, a brand brief was created and the Digital Glue design team set about creating a number of options for a new visual identity.

Integrating the ideas of progress and efficiency as well as leaning into the simple blue and red colour schemes synonymous with heat exchange, a bold and clean visual identity was created which would work with the traditional Oxford nanoSystems name, or with the more direct “OnS”.

The identity includes the new logo mark, as well as updated visual mechanisms for use online and in print and a new selection of modern fonts.


While the brand identity was being developed and finalised the Digital Glue web team set to work to create the structure and content for a new website, including a collaborative piece of work to identify the goals and objectives for the web site. This was all based on the messaging and ideal client work done in the first phase, shaping the web content structure to be aimed directly at the audiences OnS is targeting.

Once the brand identity was created, the web design team then designed and developed the site, focussing on two sides. Firstly, the end user experience needed to be fast and easy to find the information you wanted, on the second hand, the site needed to be easy to manage by the OnS team. Utilising a bespoke build on WordPress, the team delivered a site which is well structured, looks great and is easy to manage.

At site go live, the Digital Glue SEO team stepped in to ensure that all site redirects and technical optimisations were in place, and Digital Glue continued to provide ongoing website support and maintenance to keep the site up to date and secure.



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