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Made in Brum

PCL Digital, a digital printer based in Birmingham, had an objective to increase their network of prospect customers that use print services. They approached us with an idea for a competition and we worked with them to create ‘Made in Brum’.  Made in Brum is a competition designed to gather the very best of art and design the city has to offer, combining Brum’s most iconic features with its most talented creatives to produce a book which embodies what Birmingham is made of. Winning entries will be printed and put into the final product – the Made in Brum book printed by PCL Digital, to be sold across Birmingham this summer.

The competition calls for unique creations based around the theme of Brum, open to artists, illustrators, photographers, designers and creatives. Not only was it a fantastic opportunity for local Brummie creatives to get their work seen and celebrate our city, it enabled PCL Digital to build their brand awareness, receive email sign-ups for their digital marketing and increase book sales.


The Challenge

Logo: PCL Digital needed a logo for Made in Brum. They approached us with an idea of ‘stamp authentication’ to represent the idea of items being created in Birmingham. The overall style needed to feel friendly yet direct.

Social Media & Marketing: PCL were going to exhibit at the Birmingham Design Festival, which was a perfect opportunity to get ‘Made in Brum’ out to the creatives of Birmingham. We needed to design and create a stand that would drum up interest for the competition.

Landing Page: PCL Digital also needed a landing a page to house Made in Brum and allow us to capture data as well a submissions to the competition.


Our Response

Logo: We looked into handmade fonts and stamp/label style logos for inspiration and presented PCL Digital with a moodboard to display our direction. We went away to produce a modern, minimalist stamp which is versatile yet impactful.

Social Media & Marketing: We rolled the ‘Made in Brum’ theme into the Birmingham Design Festival stand by displaying various items that have been produced in Birmingham. Sign up forms and promotional take away cards also helped to drum up interest. We also designed stickers, posters and various design collateral on the stand which was visually impactful and created a lot of interest.

Landing Page: Using WordPress, we built a stylish landing page for the competition, implementing the Made in Brum brand throughout. We used Gravity Forms and Gravity Views to show competition entries on the front-end of the website, as well as capturing email sign ups for PCL Digital’s marketing.



From the Birmingham Design Festival, we instantly received sign ups from designers and illustrators interested in the competition.

The promotion of the competition received over 700 entries and emails for PCL Digital’s  marketing database

Keep an eye out for the finished book and competition winners!


Featured Artists

Curzon Station‘ was created by Sarina Kaur
You can see more of her work on  or behance.
Alternatively, you can e-mail her

Spring Hill Library‘ was created by Thomas Parry.You can see more of his work on
 or his website.
Alternatively, you can e-mail him

Brum Market‘was created by Dale Wylie.
You can e-mail him

The Jewel of the Jewellery Quarter‘ was created by Joseph Moore. You can see more of his work on
. Alternatively, you can e-mail him

Bargello Blues‘ was created by Tina Francis.
You can see more of her work on .
Alternatively, you can e-mail her

Past or Future? 1‘ and ‘Past or Future? 2‘ were created by Jane Spence.
You can see more of her work on .
Alternatively, you can e-mail her

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