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Formed in 2018, Luffy AI is an Oxfordshire-based software company with an innovative vision. It has developed AI (Adaptive Intelligence) which supports industrial machinery and robotics systems with improved resilience, robustness and efficiency.


Luffy AI approached Digital Glue in June 2021 to develop a new website to support them in raising investment funds to support the development of their innovative AI technology.The website needed to highlight its vision, strategy and AI differentiation while also introducing them to key market players. It was vital that this was done quickly, as Luffy AI did not want to miss any opportunity to raise funds over the summer, therefore a project plan with clear milestones was crucial.

For its website, Luffy AI had some essential needs to be met that would ultimately lead to raising funds. The website needed to inform and intrigue prospective customers, partners and investors in order to generate enquiries and engagement. It was crucial that this was done without compromising Luffy AI’s innovative identity or reverting to a corporate brand image.

Our Response

In order to ensure Digital Glue fully met the needs of Luffy AI, we established objectives and developed a four-week project plan, taking into consideration the quick turnaround for the project that was desired by the company.

As a new company, Luffy AI not only needed help with creating its website, but also with establishing brand elements. We saw this as an opportunity to assist Luffy AI and create prototypes for new brand elements. The team worked closely with Luffy AI to build a strategy catered to its needs; developing and presenting three prototypes to choose from.

To maintain its innovative vision, we designed a minimalist and user-friendly site while still displaying all the important information. We also suggested including some animations to make it more engaging for the user, which included animated scrolling elements and the development of a diagram, which was essential to demonstrating the uniqueness of Luffy AI’s technology.


  • Luffy AI’s first port-of-call for their customer base has been completely refurbished, having gone from a holding page with very little information to a website that both informs and intrigues their audience. 
  • The website offers all the important information in a striking and user-friendly manner without compromising the company’s innovative streak. 
  • As a result, the website can now be used as a tool to raise funds and promote growth of their business.

“Digital Glue provided a very professional service with excellent project management. We’re very happy with the results and the delivery.”

Dr. Matthew Carr, CEO of Luffy AI.

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