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By Holly Goldingay 3 years ago
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Little Orchard Alpacas is a small alpaca farm based in Axminster, East Devon. They love to share the joys of alpacas with others, offering advice and allowing people to learn more about their animals. Little Orchard Alpacas offer a variety of services including alpaca walks, high tea, adoption opportunities or wedding ‘al-packages’!

Little Orchard Alpacas came to Digital Glue through a recommendation of another client. They required website rebranding and online shop functionality. The new website needed to be more customer focused, stripped back and ‘fun’. We decided to put our own spin to it and asked Yasemin, our ‘Queen of Puns’ to spice things up.


Little Orchard Alpacas’ original site was very text-heavy with limited images to support the content. It was difficult to navigate and was lacking call to actions to guide the visitors. As a result, the site received very little customer activity, and was not driving many sales or enquiries. Since it wasn’t SEO optimised, it didn’t draw in a lot of organic traffic and due to its complicated structure, Victoria, one of the owners, struggled to edit the content on the site. Overall, the site didn’t reflect the fun nature of the alpacas themselves, which was a key factor.


We started this project by developing wireframes to give the owners an idea of the look and feel of the new site. After Victoria approved these new designs, we set to work on creating the digital content. We created an SEO optimised and mobile responsive site. We also included online shop functionality.

Our aim was to make a website that was more ‘fun’ overall. We did this by including beautiful images and removing excessive content to make it feel less cluttered. Yasemin improved site copy by using language that was more reflective of the character of the company – introducing puns such as the wedding ‘al-packages’. Little Orchard had a lot of photography to work with, so we also introduced unused images to the site.

To improve the user journey, we redrew the site architecture and added more buttons to make the site easier to navigate. Finally, we wanted to give Victoria the opportunity to edit content without difficulty, so we provided her with training. She is now fully equipped in using wordpress and can make updates to the site with ease.


Our team felt very destressed after looking at so many pictures of happy alpacas! Our client was pleased with the results too and proudly shared her new website with her social media following. She is still in touch with us and open to future opportunities.

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