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Landlock® is an international leader in infrastructure development. They offer efficient construction solutions that are environmentally friendly as well as great value for money. Their services include dust control, erosion control, and road, aviation and pathway construction. They have a variety of clients ranging from the US Army to the Fish and Wildlife Service. Landlock® also owns a sister company called OPSdirt® – Operational Ready Dirt – that specialises in solutions for law enforcement and the military.


Landlock® asked us to produce two A4 double sided brochures – one for Landlock© and one for OPSdirt®. The brochures would serve as a first impression to potential new customers, therefore it had to represent both brands well. The brochures contained a brief introduction to the services they provide along with the value and key benefits they offer. Both brands already had an established brand and website, so it was vital to make sure the new print media had a layout and overall style to match this.


After getting to know the client and familiarising ourselves with the style of Landlock, we set to work. The brochures we produced were visually engaging and made use of the brand palette – orange for OPSdirt®, green for Landlock®. We separated out the different topics into easy to read sections and key benefits were accompanied by icons to make them stand out more. The audience is drawn in by the photography, headers, bright colours and iconography.


Landlock® were pleased with how we were able to adapt their existing brands for their brochures. The OPSdirt® brochures were used on a show the company was attending on the 10th of July. The client said:

Digital Glue created a visually arresting design. They dealt large amounts of copy sensitively to produce a simple but powerful brochure.


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