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Inspired by image makers around the world, Fotospeed began life manufacturing quality darkroom chemistry and specialist fine art printmaking process.

Today, Fotospeed’s photographic papers help image makers turn their photos into astonishing prints, completing the image making process by realising the final step in the images’ journey and being produced on a paper that works for that image.

Fotospeed are champions of printing, and help their customers, whether internationally renowned photographers or those who call it a hobby to produce great prints. 


In May 2016, Fotospeed approached Digital Glue, having recognised our work with other photography brands in the market. 

Fotospeed had three major challenges which were holding back their business growth. 

Their first challenge was that they were not getting their fair share of exposure in the media, in particular, missing out on being featured in group tests in the press. They were lacking an ongoing press campaign to have Fotospeed featured regularly in photographic media. 

The second challenge was a lack of traffic and traction to their online store. Fotospeed wasn’t producing enough online content to help drive traffic to their store. They needed to improve SEO on the Fotospeed website and create a consistent programme of content creation to help drive more traffic from their core target market of photographers. 

The third challenge was with their social media presence. They had successfully grown their Twitter following but had not established a presence on Facebook. Facebook had a significant strategic benefit based on Fotospeed’s target audience demographics, and because Facebook lends itself to a more visual style of content, which is highly important for the photography market. 


We implemented a three-pronged attack using content marketing, PR and social media marketing to help them achieve their goals.


We started building on their presence with more targeted PR and digital PR, including:

  • Product reviews programme
  • Press outreach and press meetings
  • Regular news and product launches
  • Campaigns allied to Fotospeed’s target market and brand ethos – examples include extreme printing (link to video)


The Digital Glue team implemented a programme of regular and consistent content marketing including:

  • Blogs
  • Influencer content from photographers
  • Video content

 Social Media:

On social media, we helped Fotospeed by bringing new ideas and consistent delivery, including:

    • An image-led, inspiration focussed Facebook page
    • Utilisation of the existing Fotospeed brand ambassador programme
    • A Facebook community to provide fans and customers the opportunity to speak to each other
    • Giveaways and competitions
  • Facebook Live Q&As with Fotospeed photographers 


Since starting work with Fotospeed, Digital Glue have helped Fotospeed continue their growth and they are now helping more photographers than ever before to print better pictures. 

Results include:

  • In excess of 100 pieces of press coverage online and in print, making Fotospeed a first choice for photography-related journalists. 
  • 25% increase in web traffic in one year
  • 11% of traffic now comes from social media
  • Number of Twitter followers has trebled since 2016

Facebook following has grown from 0 to over 2,000 strong, with an additional community of over 1,000 photographers discussing printing, paper and all things photography

“Digital Glue has always come to us with a clear strategic plan on how to achieve our targets and 99% of the time they achieve what they set out to. The working practices are 100% transparent and all goals and work are regularly reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Digital Glue have helped strategically position our brand in the market and it’s been a pleasure working with the entire team. Long may it continue.”

 – Toby Herlinger

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