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By Aneela Hoque 3 years ago
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About Forget Me Nott 

Forget Me Nott is a family-owned pet crematorium based in Nottinghamshire, they help their clients by providing sensitivity and respect during the difficult time of losing a pet. Established in 2009, Forget Me Nott have built their business on word of mouth, receiving positive reviews from the people they work with.


The Challenge

The business approached Digital Glue for a refresh of their website, along with a refresh of the font used within their brand.

The company’s website was out of date with a complicated user journey, and did not emphasise the value they have to offer clients. Saying farewell to your animal companion is a highly emotional thing to do and quite difficult to convey on a website. The company’s previous website was text-heavy and used a business style layout. It was not reflective of the emotional journey of their customers.

The Forget Me Nott team demonstrates kindness and understanding and truly cares for the animals they deal with. They wanted a website that reflects this.


Our Response

Logo: We started this project by looking at their brand and current photography styles. The changes we made were subtle, but impactful. We removed the sans serif font, and replaced it with hand-written styles for a more personal approach. Within our concepts we even considered a custom-made handwritten style. The final logo utilised a web font that can be applied more broadly, which still comes across as personal, warm and friendly. For the overall layout we added a second, faded paw print, to represent the final journey of the pet and their figurative ‘departure’.

Website: For the website, we decided to use pets such as dogs and cats throughout the website, cropped to show a closeup of the eyes. The eyes are where emotions are focused, to symbolise love, tenderness, sadness and the full range of emotions one can feel when their pet passes away.

We used a clean and minimal layout, optimising the user journey to allow users to check prices, view keepsakes or read reviews within one or two clicks. By using photography taken on location, we are able to help clients visualise what they can expect when they arrive, who they will be talking to over the phone, and how they will take their pets ashes home with them. This inspires trust in the company overall.

Information such as the pricelist is visualised in a user friendly manner, allowing users to filter based on the size of their pet. They can also make a size assessment based on the breed they own. Keepsakes and urns are pictured to show the value you will receive for each price. Finally, the ‘frequently asked questions’ section uses a friendly and accessible tone of voice to address the practical problems clients can face when their pet passes away.



Forget Me Nott were delighted with the website we delivered. By keeping in close contact and working together we ensured they were completely on board with both the chosen photography, and website layout, delivering a site that reflects their team and the business overall.


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