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Falanx are a cyber security company, who provide proactive cyber defence, intelligence and technology services to clients all around the world.

Specialising in identifying risk and vulnerability, whilst also monitoring and responding, Falanx have an all encompassing understanding of industry requirements.


Falanx approached us with a pre-existing website which was built using a theme based approach and unfit for purpose for a public company.

Falanx has recently acquired several companies, and managing each divisions online identity of a multi-disciplined company with offices within 6 countries had become challenging. The challenge during this project, therefore was to create 4 websites in one, and for each website to be managed individually however maintained together.

The final website would also include the following features – an RNS feed to ensure investor news would be regularly and automatically updated, and multiple contact forms for each division of the company.

In terms of messaging, the site consisted of content that was quite heavy in technical detail, wasn’t customer-focused, and lacked call to action buttons. We suggested that the messaging was amended to allow visitors to the site to be able to identify exactly what the real-world benefit of the services would be for their organisation.


Our response to the challenge of creating a multisite website was to utilise a WordPress Multisite installation.

The WordPress Multisite installation enables Falanx to amend content across all sites and also maintain the security of their own website by synchronizing security updates across the 4 websites.

The dynamic RNS feed was embedded into the website using a RNS RSS feed and reposts content every 15 minutes so crucial investor information is never far behind the official London Stock Exchange RNS feed.

Yasemin reworked the web copy to ensure it was customer-focused, avoiding overly technical language, and benefits-led to ensure the value of Falanx’s range of services to an individual’s organisation was immediately identifiable. This was created by supplying the client with a clear brief that detailed how the content for each service should be structured and then amending this created content to fit with the overall structure of each division of the website.

We also ensured there were call to action buttons across the board to help the visitor navigate the site and seek more information by contacting the team where needed.


Falanx now have an easily manageable website with the ability to launch features individually per division of the company or across all divisions of the company.

The RNS feed and investor information is dynamically posted to the site to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Messaging across all four websites is now tailored to each individual division and present the key benefits to an individual’s organisation. Call to action buttons effectively guide the user through the site and encourage them to contact the team, providing Falanx with more qualified leads.  

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