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By Holly Goldingay 6 years ago
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DxO One

DxO, a French company renowned in the photograohy sector for making high quality software for photographers, were gearing up for the launch of the biggest launch in their history – the DxO One.

The DxO One is a high quality camera, which connects directly into an iPhone or iPad. Creating the ultimate portable camera solutions. No larger than a cigarette lighter, the DxO One boasted extreme portability and outstanding quality, and is a ground breaking camera.

The Challenge

To be a success, DxO One needed to be reviewed by the UK’s leading technology and photography journalists.

Our Response

Utilising Digital Glue’s in depth knowledge of the UK technology and photography press, DxO have secured widespread coverage of the DxO One’s launch, prior to product availability, and then once available, photography and tech journalists across the UK have been reviewing the DxO One, including Stuff, BBC, Tech Radar, Amateur Phjotographer, Alphr and many more.

DxO One is, now one of the most in demand photography products of 2015

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