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By Holly Goldingay 6 years ago
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DPS Group

All things printing professional, DPS Group supply a range of products to individuals and businesses to meet their specific printer requirements.

The group offer a substantial array of hardware and software for any level of the photographic, drafting, CAD, design and fine arts market.

The Challenge

The DPS Group is made up of Digital Photo Solutions, DPSB and DTG Solutions. We proposed bringing these three businesses together under an umbrella brand. At the heart of this was a need to create a group name & logo that looked fitting next to each of its sub brands, yet looked professional on its own too. This would allow each business to leverage the group brand to boost sales, and increase marketing potential.

Consider also that this is in the imaging industry – there was a visual expectation here.

Our Response

There was a full analysis of the current branding. Particularly, we looked at where the businesses wanted to go and what this umbrella brand wanted to achieve.

We produced three concepts and passed them back to the client.

A single concept was chosen, which was then further refined and judged against the original objectives of the task. This chosen concept was based on the CMYK colour values of the traditional printing process.

The end result was a striking, modern and clean logo. The image above is an example of how flexible this logo has become because we are able to take elements of the logo and apply them in creative ways depending on need. These bold, colourful elements lend themselves well to segmenting and containing other design elements.

As a result, the client can use this logo in a variety of ways and places. We are currently working on designing their shop front – a unique place with very specific design requirements – yet the flexibility of the logo ensures this can be done while remaining consistent with other branded material.

The final result is, I’m sure you’ll agree, a great logo that brings together the three sub-brands well.

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