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By Holly Goldingay 6 years ago
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Dispute UK

Dispute UK assist people working within the construction industry with collecting payments that are owed to them.

The Challenge

Dispute UK approached us with the challenge of creating an identity which reflected the professionalism, trustworthiness and confidence of the company in a modern and clean way. Dispute UK also needed a user-friendly, clean and responsive website with sufficient call-to-actions to engage business owners in the construction sector.

Our Response

We began by researching construction tools to help find a visual element for the logo which could be used across entire brand identity. The shape of a bolt, which can be easily interpreted as arrows to achieving results, was our final choice. The blue colour palette used reflects trust and honesty, two of Dispute UK’s values.

The brand is clean and visually appealing, and that works across online and print platforms, whilst the modern and simple website is functional and easy-to-use. The key to the website was keeping the process simple and streamlined so visitors have a clear reason and incentive to engage with Dispute UK. With strong call-to-actions, clear design, and straightforward forms, this has been achieved and our client is delighted with the results.

  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress
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