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Datacolor is a globally recognised colour management solutions provider of photography technology products. Over one million photographers and creative specialists worldwide use Datacolor products, with its management hardware, software and support helping save time and cut costs, whilst increasing colour accuracy. 

Its aim and ambition as a company is to make sure a photographer’s workflow is perfect every step of the way by using the most efficient products: from capturing the image, to editing it on-screen, and then preparing it for print. 


Datacolor needed to launch their latest product, SpyderX, into the photography market. There hadn’t been a new significant product in the colour management market for several years, and they wanted to leverage that fact to ensure that there was a huge amount of interest in SpyderX, which would translate into sales.

Digital Glue were tasked with creating an international product launch through PR and social media which would gain global interest, increase engagement, and generate sales of SpyderX across the world. In addition to this, they wanted to tease the product prior to the launch to ensure that they still had the attention of their audience, after what had been a relatively quiet time for colour management.


We worked closely with the Datacolor team to create target tiers of media for US and EU regions, highlight the key press within those media lists, then began outreach. We spoke with all key press who signed an NDA before the launch date, and from that we sent out a SpyderX unit for them to review. The launch date was February 11th 2019, so we set key review and press release coverage KPIs for launch day, launch week and ongoing throughout the month. 

We began these conversations in January, setting targets for how many signed NDAs we wanted to receive in order for us to create achievable and realistic KPIs. 

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