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By Holly Goldingay 4 years ago
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Canny Bites

Canny Bites are quick and informative videos designed to help business owners and professionals stay informed.

The Challenge

During a meeting in 2016, Managing Director of Pathway Group and long-standing Digital Glue client Safaraz Ali, approached Javan with a challenge. Partly due to our previous work for Pathway Group, Safaraz had developed a reputation for being a ‘thought leader’ in the field of small business, and wanted to find a new way to continue to build on his personal brand. Producing a book of small, bitesize pieces of wisdom from his bag, Safaraz said he wanted to create an engaging way of sharing knowledge and information for business leaders in small, accessible chunks.

Our Response

As engagement rates for videos are continuing to grow, Safaraz and the team identified video as the best method of sharing information to the target audience. We decided that we would create 8 individual animated videos, complete with voiceover, per month. In order to make the videos engaging and keep audiences interested, we also agreed each one should be between 1-2 minutes long.

Logo and branding

But before we could start producing the videos, we had to create the branding for Canny Bites. We came up with a list of words to help us decide the feel of the brand including digestible, clever, and playful.

We then worked with our long-term intern, Henry, to produce a logo. It needed to be simple and punchy to reflect the quick-fire & contemporary feel of the videos, as well as vibrant to emphasise the playful style of the content. Henry worked with us to developed fun and unique logo which used a speech bubble to form the letter ‘C’ in the words ‘Canny Bites’. This ‘C’ could also easily stand alone and be implemented into a variety of different platforms while maintain brand recognition.


The agreed length of the videos presents us with a challenge – many of the topics Safaraz wants to address in the videos are complicated and require expert understanding of theories within business. Because of this, the topics have to be well researched and the copy has to be snappy.

Each month, Safaraz sends over a brief description of 8 individual topics, which we then research and expand into a full script, being careful to get the message across in a concise way whilst also being creative and engaging. When the script is finalised, we send it to a professional recording studio to be recorded.

The next step in the process is to create the video to go alongside the audio. Working with the rest of the design team Henry maps out how best to visualize each section of the video. Often, abstract subject matter calls for abstract imagery and part of the challenge is illustrating these in a fun and playful style that still remains relevant to the industry, audience, and the purpose of the videos.

The visuals are created in Adobe Illustrator, with a separate file for each segment of the video, any part that is animated must have a separate layer to animate from, so extensive and complicated scenes can consist of dozens of layers. As the project has developed, the visuals have evolved subtly in styling, but have always maintained a consistency in the style, colour, and the way they’re animated.

Once the visuals are finished, they’re imported into After Effects for the animation and each scene is set to the timings of the voiceover.

The Results

The client was very happy with the initial set of videos and wanted us to continue producing videos on a monthly basis, which we continue to do today. Safaraz shares each set of videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, where his audience of business connections and local professionals can view the videos and share their thoughts with each other.

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