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By Ben Goodman 3 years ago
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Blue Thorn are one of the largest 3D BIM companies in the UK and they’re based in Birmingham, they specialise in producing fabrication drawings on major building service projects.


Blue Thorn asked us to modernise their existing branding and to redesign their website to highlight the services they offer. Blue Thorns’ expertise is highly specialist, the brief included that the website should educate, communicate their extensive experience and convey a key message of scalability for large construction projects.

The brief required us to communicate various sectors within one website using case study filters and dynamic post types to display different case studies on different parts of the website.

The original logo for Blue Thorn was dated, originally created over 10 years ago and did not represent the brand well. Their existing logo mark was a mosaiced thorn, the typeface as well as overall shape were not reflected in other branding pieces such as the website itself, the existing logo mark also had a hand-drawn style that did not represent the nature of the business.


When reimagining the Blue Thorn thorn we blended the components together to create a thorn shape that looks organic as well as 3D.

We chose a thick sans serif typeface to create a strong and memorable mark. The logo remained blue however a warmer tone of blue was decided on to convey the friendlier persona of Blue Thorn.

The resulting logo mark symbolises the combination of the technology used by Blue Thorn as well as the personal touch and dedication the team offers in their services.

We developed a new online identity for Blue Thorn by creating a new layout and new visual identity for the website.

Blue Thorns’ new new website incorporates dynamic case studies per page which are content specific and modal box contact forms to highlight the primary action for the user and reduce distractions.


The result is a dynamic and clean website with clear and concise messaging aimed at Blue Thorn’s ideal client. Their new website is powered by WordPress which enables Blue Thorns’ team to edit the website when new case studies are created or the business offering changes.

The website addresses an outgoing marketing issue by embedding newsletter signup forms throughout the site with a direct integration with MailChimp so that Blue Thorn can grow their email marketing efforts.The new visual identity conveys a company that is corporately accessible however also approachable and friendly.

More info:

Visit Blue Thorn's Website
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