Pay Monthly Websites

One website, one monthly cost.

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Benefit from a ROI in 12 – 14 weeks

Your website will still be built and finished in 12 – 14 weeks and you’ll have three years to pay

Single monthly payment

All of your website costs wrapped into a single transparent monthly payment

Remove large upfront costs

Spread the cost over 36 months

Peace of mind

Your site is hosted and maintained, protecting it from attack and downtime

Regular site reviews

You will receive proactive advice and guidance on your website with regular reviews and audits

Monthly payments start from £166

Help manage your cash flow with single monthly payments

What’s included?

Design & Development

Standard 12 -14 weeks project timeline


We’ll host your website to ensure it is always ready when your audience is searching for you

Monthly maintenance

A choice of three packages for your peace of mind

Monthly development

We’ll make sure your website is always delivering for you and keeping up to date with the latest technologies

Site reviews

Proactive advice, guidance, regular quarterly reviews and annual site audits

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How does it work?

Regardless of the size of your website project and the cost, Digital Glue will offer you the choice to pay for your website over three years. Your new website will still go live after a typical 12-14 week project timeline, but you have the option to spread payment over a three year period.

Are there any large upfront costs?

There are no surprise upfront costs. All we ask in the first month is a one-off additional fee of 100% your first monthly payment. This is to cover our time and associated costs to set up the contract, billing schedule and project planning.

Will our new website cost more?

No – the cost for designing and developing your new website does not change, and there is no cost for credit. We simply require you to set up a recurring payment via Standing Order or Direct Debit to ensure your monthly payment reaches us each month on the agreed date.

Are there any extra costs on top of the website development itself?

Your agreed monthly fee will already include the cost for the following:

  1. Hosting & Maintenance – As part of our service, we will host your new website and ensure it is maintained.
  2. Monthly Development – Your project will include 1, 2 or 3 hours of monthly development time.

Marketing and design services in addition to those included in the website project brief will be quoted separately as required and will be outside of this agreement.

How will site improvements and time be recorded?

We will provide you with an online tracking tool so you can see time spent against each month.

What if the monthly development time is not used?

Any unused development time will can roll over into the following month.

What are my options after the three years?

You have two options;

Stay with us

  1. Get a brand new site – We will develop you a new website for your business and agree a new three year contract to support that in the same way.
  2. Keep you existing site – If you are happy with the current site, you can choose to keep it and only pay for the hosting maintenance and any ongoing development you may require.

Say Goodbye

  1. If for whatever reason you want to move to a new supplier at the end of your contract, you can. At the end of your contract, your website is your property. We promise to make is simple and easy to transition away from us.
What are my options if I want to leave before my 3 year contract is up?

While we’d be very sad if this ever happened, we won’t stop you from moving away from Digital Glue. Before you leave and take your website, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of your contract in full, minus any unused monthly maintenance or development costs.

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