Team DG is a passionate bunch of doers and thinkers who live and breathe marketing. We are proudly individual and fiercely collaborative so we can deliver results that matter.

  • Image for Fabiano Carvalho

    Fabiano Carvalho

    Fabiano is our lead developer. He brings over 20 years of experience in specification creation, IT architecture and web development. His expertise builds websites that take businesses to the next level. Fabiano is originally from Brazil, but has found a home in the UK, however, he is a global citizen and loves watching NASA’s Earth live stream.

    Design eCommerce Web Design & Development
  • Image for Jon Abbott

    Jon Abbott

    Jon lives and breathes design. He ensures that our clients’ brands are recognisable and have a visual identity that represents their vision, mission and values. He’s a creative brain who offers strategic ideas and imaginative solutions. When not at work, you can find him secretly watching guilty pleasure, RV: Runway Vacation.

    Branding & Brand Strategy Design
  • Image for Liv Gardner

    Liv Gardner

    Liv is a copy and content machine. She produces stellar copy that attracts, engages and converts with strong messaging that is to the point. Regardless of whether it is long or short form, Liv makes sure your point gets heard. She is the most musical out of our line-up and both sings and plays in a metal band in her spare time. 

    Content Creation PR and Influencer Social Media
  • Image for Tony Ilias

    Tony Ilias

    Tony is our authority on anything digital marketing. He puts clients in front of the right audiences with the right message to drive website traffic, leads, and sales. He provides easily measured ROI in the most cost effective way. Tony swapped beautiful Greece for a life in Brum, and can often be found ranking the city’s best burgers with Anika in tow.

  • Image for Jack Lacy

    Jack Lacy

    With a background in software recruitment, Jack knows how to build strong relationships. He’s giving our clients return on investment through targeted influencer marketing from carefully nurtured relationships. Jack loves Star Wars though he doesn’t consider it his favourite film – “It’s more of a lifestyle.”

    PR and Influencer
  • Image for Ann Haagensen

    Ann Haagensen

    Ann is our internal dictionary and grammarian. She ensures that we produce copy that sparkles and concisely conveys messages that convert prospects to ambassadors. Ann helps clients reach their goals with calculated communications. She comes from a background in hospitality and will not shut up about her hero, Anthony Bourdain. 

    Content Creation Ideal Customer & Messaging Development Social Media
  • Image for Claire Bramhall

    Claire Bramhall

    Claire is Digital Glue’s maths whiz and handles all things financial. She is also in charge of making sure that the team has all the tools they need to be able to deliver phenomenal results. Everyone knows Claire runs things at DG, in between making endless cups of tea and listening to her icon, Adele. 

  • Image for Greta Geoghegan

    Greta Geoghegan

    Longest serving Team DGer, Greta specialises in PR and communications strategy. She is the one who takes a step back to scrutinise tactics and makes sure that client strategies deliver results and ROI. She can be found via a trail of glitter, with a gin and tonic in hand, and dancing along to Britney Spears.

    Branding & Brand Strategy Ideal Customer & Messaging Development PR and Influencer
  • Image for Lauren Haywood

    Lauren Haywood

    Lauren brings with her the best of both worlds, working on both communications and design. She ensures that your content looks on brand every single time so that you stand out from the crowd. Lauren is originally from South Africa and in her spare time, she loves to travel, bake cupcakes, and gets competitive about board games.

    Branding & Brand Strategy Content Creation Design
  • Image for Scott Perry

    Scott Perry

    Scott is our SEO champion. He works with all aspects of our clients’ online presence to ensure that they appear in search results where it matters most. Through optimisation he boosts organic traffic to meet client objectives. Scott is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so you can find him cycling, kayaking, and climbing in his spare time. 

  • Image for Anika Shah

    Anika Shah

    Anika is always up to date with the latest social media trends and knows exactly what’s what across the platforms. She holds the reins and ensures that we deliver projects and results that make a difference. She always keeps Tony company when Friday night networking accidentally turns into an evening of sampling Birmingham’s food and nightlife.

    Content Creation PR and Influencer Social Media
  • Image for Drew Craythorne

    Drew Craythorne

    With a keen eye for content that elevates brands and converts prospects to leads, Drew is our content guru. Through targeted campaigns, she supports businesses in reaching their objectives across multiple channels. Drew loves Birmingham’s independent food and drink scene, and is never too far away from her favourite taprooms in Stirchley. 

    Content Creation PR and Influencer Social Media
  • Image for Josh Tekin

    Josh Tekin

    Josh specialises in social media. He is a wizard with algorithms and delivers original, engaging social media strategies that achieve organic results for both B2B and B2C clients. Though he’s originally from Turkey, you’ll likely find Josh complaining about Tottenham’s shambolic performance at the weekend or at his local pub.

    Social Media
  • Image for Javan Bramhall

    Javan Bramhall

    Javan founded Digital Glue in 2008 and brings nearly 20 years of experience in PR and marketing. His focus is helping businesses grow and find their next breakthrough with integrated marketing strategies. He’s a cricket lover who also has a habit of winning a lot at team activities – something the team is determined to change!

    Branding & Brand Strategy eCommerce Ideal Customer & Messaging Development PR and Influencer Web Design & Development
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