Want to establish a strong market presence and achieve rapid growth?

Our results-driven startup marketing packages will get you there.


Your marketing strategy can be the difference between success and failure.

At Digital Glue, we understand the challenges of growing businesses. From clarifying your value proposition to understanding the best way to generate leads.

That’s why we’re offering our tailored marketing services, with packages specifically designed for startups, at prices that suit you. With 10 years of experience with startups under our belt, we can scale your business – faster.

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What results you can expect

We’ll get you the results your business needs.

  • Latest LinkedIn Updates and Features | Digital Glue

    Increase in brand awareness.

    Get your brand seen by your target audience.

  • Startup Marketing Support | Digital Glue

    Increase in leads and web traffic.

    Get the growth your business deserves.

  • Setting up Google Analytics (GA4) | SEO Marketing Agency | Digital Glue

    Increase in sales and see a better ROI.

    Launch your business to the next level.

Need help unpicking your priorities?

Get in touch for a consultation and we’ll help you align your activity with your goals.

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Our Services

Take a look at the services that can take your business to the next level.

Define your go-to-market and value proposition:

• Branding • eCommerce Marketing • Website Design and Development • Ideal Client Strategy • Graphic Design • Video and Animation

Build brand awareness with your target markets and investors

• PR and Influencer • Marketing Social Media Management

Generate leads and improve your business model

• PPC Advertising • SEO • Copywriting

Choose the services most suitable for your business, and we’ll create a tailored marketing package for you.

Need help setting your marketing strategy, defining your priorities, or just want general guidance?

Book a consultation call and we’ll get you there.

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Our Packages

Choose which services and the level of service you want. 

Our prices are on a monthly basis. This can be offered as a one-off, a rolling contract, or a fixed contract.


£3,200 per month

Ideal for: Early stage startups

  • An entry-level package that will get the foundations for your business up and running. This package is best suited for startups with little to no marketing in place.


£5,700 per month 

Ideal for: Growth stage startups

  • A premium-level package that will transform and grow your business. This package is best suited for growing startups who want to make a bigger impact.


£7,600 per month 

Ideal for: Mature stage startups

  • An elite-level package best suited for startups that want to disrupt the marketplace and accelerate past competition. 

What can you expect?

  • Organic Social Media Marketing Agency in Birmingham | Digital Glue

    Consultation Call

    We’ll arrange a consultation to get to know your business. In the initial meeting, we’ll discuss:

    • What are your goals and objectives? We’re eager to listen, understand, and align our efforts to help you reach those milestones.
    • What are your concerns and expectations? We’ll help you understand the competitive landscape, key stakeholders and provide some early recommendations.
  • Local Business Marketing Agency in Birmingham | Digital Glue

    A Tailored Package

    After the initial consultation, we will then create a package tailored just for you and your business needs, which we will run through with you in an additional call. In this meeting, we will discuss:

    • The services and activity that align with your business, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
    • Proposed KPIs and measuring success
    • How we report on success and monitor activity
    • Timelines and when you can expect completed work
  • Working Together

    Once you’re happy with the package, we will confirm the duration of the working relationship and when activity will commence. 

    We will then begin working together and start meeting your objectives and levelling up your business!

What we’ve done before

We’ve already helped plenty of growing UK businesses evolve further and faster thanks to our adaptable and proven marketing strategies. Take a look.

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First Intuition:

Improved website and performance increases sales by 35%

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Oxford nanoSystems:

Key message and website work allows ONS to meet 5 different target markets

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Holmes Noble:

Website refresh increases web users by 35%

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Video animation creates 20 new leads in the first month

What they say


‘’The new branding does just what we wanted. It projects a modern, confident corporate image. The colours and logo resonate with our target market. We’re very happy with how the site has turned out, the outcome is very pleasing. This site is vibrant and does the job nicely.’’

Ian Russell
Oxford nanoSystems


”The new website reflects the evolution of Holmes Noble and captures the essence of what makes us who we are, bringing together a diverse team of experts from across a range of sectors and backgrounds to work in partnership with our clients in delivering tailored solutions to their talent agenda.”

Amy Speake
Holmes Noble


”A fantastic digital marketing agency. We have worked with a number of organisations over the years and Digital Glue are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of professionalism, responsiveness and expertise. We have seen more than 90% increase in impressions year on year and more than 76% increase in clicks to our website since we started working with Digital Glue. Don’t look any further if you need someone to support your business with PPC or SEO.”

Rosie Jackson
First Intuition


Midven | Future Planet | Digital Glue
Oxford nanoSystems | Future Planet | Digital Glue
Pireta Logo | Future Planet | Digital Glue

What you’ll get:

What can you expect when working with Digital Glue?

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Discovery Session

To understand your ideal clients, brand and market

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Marketing Strategy

Developed with a test and measure approach

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Account Manager

Dedicated account manager and in-house specialists

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Marketing Integration

Marketing Set up and Integration (MailChimp, Klaviyo)

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Weekly updates, fortnightly calls and monthly report updates

Meet the Experts

At Digital Glue, we’ve got multitudes of experience working with start-ups and small businesses. You can trust us to get you where you need to go.

Amie Kitainik

Amie is our PR powerhouse with a twist of indie folk and a dash of quirkiness. With her captivating melodies and lyrical prowess, she’s not just a public relations maestro, but also an accomplished indie folk singer-songwriter. When she’s not charming the press with her magnetic personality and sharp PR skills, she’s crafting compelling content and copy for our clients.

Content Creation PR and Influencer Social Media

Anika Shah

Anika is always up to date with the latest social media trends and knows exactly what’s what across the platforms. She holds the reins and ensures that we deliver projects and results that make a difference. She always keeps Tony company when Friday night networking accidentally turns into an evening of sampling Birmingham’s food and nightlife.

Content Creation PR and Influencer Social Media

Claire Bramhall

Claire is Digital Glue’s maths whiz and handles all things financial. She is also in charge of making sure that the team has all the tools they need to be able to deliver phenomenal results. Everyone knows Claire runs things at DG, in between making endless cups of tea and listening to her icon, Adele. 

Gabbie Armstrong

Gabbie is our social guru and a skilled content creator. Her expertise lies in leveraging the power of video and her understanding of the ever-evolving dynamics of social platforms. She is a diverse content creator online in her own right – creating fashion, lifestyle, and comedy content outside of work. She knows exactly how to build a strong online presence, connect with audiences, and engage followers.

Social Media Video & Animation

Javan Bramhall

Javan founded Digital Glue in 2013 and brings nearly 20 years of experience in PR and marketing. His focus is helping businesses grow and find their next breakthrough with integrated marketing strategies. He’s a cricket lover who also has a habit of winning a lot at team activities – something the team is determined to change!

Branding & Brand Strategy eCommerce Ideal Customer & Messaging Development PR and Influencer Web Design & Development

Jon Abbott

Jon is not only a design enthusiast but also an accomplished UX expert. He thrives on crafting remarkable designs that not only make our clients’ brands easily recognisable but also encapsulate their vision, mission, and values through a compelling visual identity. With a boundless creative mind, he continuously generates strategic concepts and inventive solutions.

Branding & Brand Strategy Design Web Design & Development

Lauren Towey

Lauren brings with her the best of both worlds, working on both communications and design. She ensures that your content looks on brand every single time so that you stand out from the crowd. Lauren is originally from South Africa and in her spare time, she loves to travel, bake cupcakes, and gets competitive about board games.

Branding & Brand Strategy Content Creation Design

Liv Gardner

Liv is a copy and content machine. She produces stellar copy that attracts, engages and converts with strong messaging that is to the point. Regardless of whether it is long or short form, Liv makes sure your point gets heard. She is the most musical out of our line-up and both sings and plays in a metal band in her spare time. 

Content Creation PR and Influencer Social Media

Tony Ilias

Tony is our authority on anything digital marketing. He puts clients in front of the right audiences with the right message to drive website traffic, leads, and sales. He provides easily measured ROI in the most cost effective way. Tony swapped beautiful Greece for a life in Brum, and can often be found ranking the city’s best burgers with Anika in tow.


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