Marketing Strategy & Planning

Planning, Implementing, Supporting and Reporting

A marketing strategy should be a priority

Many businesses don’t have a marketing strategy

That might sound a surprising thing to say, but many business owners and directors don’t understand marketing and creating marketing plans.

Digital Glue help our clients to create clear marketing strategies which result in improved business.

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Why a marketing strategy?

Helping our clients create a marketing strategy can work in a number of ways.

For some, we need to identify target customers and market sectors. For others, the planning process is more about the methods we can use to reach their target audience. Finally, we spend time managing resource and choosing which marketing efforts will give us the best return on investment.

The process

  • Questioning

    The marketing planning process starts with Digital Glue asking you questions to discover more about your business, and identifying where the opportunities are.

  • Priorities

    From here, Digital Glue will help to create a list of options for marketing activities and then prioritise these based upon likely return on investment.

  • Planning

    Once this is agreed we then create an agreed marketing strategy. All plans created with Digital Glue are focused on achieving return on investment and therefore we create systems to track the success of marketing activity.

  • On-going

    Finally, we work with many of our clients to help them deliver their marketing strategy on a month-to-month basis.

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