Why having a ‘go-to market’ plan for invested companies is crucial.

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We highlight the importance of marketing for businesses who are seeking funds and those who have already won investment. Many companies consider marketing an unnecessary cost. We disagree!

Along with special guest speakers from the investment industry, we discuss why designating a marketing budget is crucial when pitching for investment, and for ensuring the success of a newly established business.

Venture Capital Guest: 

Giovanni Finocchio, Investment Director, Midven

Special guest from venture capitalist firm Midven, Gio Finocchio discusses:

  • How much weight does an investor put on the strength of your marketing plan when deciding whether to invest in your company?
  • How your marketing plan can help investors gauge a better understanding of your self-awareness and abilities.
    Top tips for putting together a marketing plan as part of your pitch.
  • Examples of the best marketing efforts to come from his portfolio companies

Invested Company Guest: 

Chris Bourne, Natural HR

Another special guest, who has successfully set up their business with the help of a Midven investment, talks through:

  • Why is it crucial to invest in marketing tactics?
  • The most important part of your marketing plan?
  • What elements of marketing are most vital?
  • The risks of not having a marketing plan.

Digital Glue Agency:

Javan Bramhall, Managing Director

Our very own Founder and Managing Director, who has enjoyed years of working with invested businesses and venture capital companies, discusses:

  • Why does having a ‘go-to market’ strategy matter?
  • Why is having a good marketing plan crucial for winning investment?
  • The true cost of investing poorly into a solid ‘go-to-market’ strategy.
  • The most important marketing functions for invested companies?
  • What portfolio companies have you worked with that have benefited from your knowledge
  • Results-based successes achieved on behalf of portfolio companies.

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