Henry’s Work Experience Placement at Digital Glue

From the beginning of December and across January I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with Digital Glue, a creative design & marketing company based in Birmingham, on a part-time work experience placement in their colourful wall-illustrated offices.

In my short time here, I’ve learnt the values that build the foundations of Digital Glue as a business and how that directly reflects the people who make it more than just a company.

Although I came on board as a Designer, I feel that I’ll be coming away with a much greater knowledge of business and a sense of what it takes to manage a business; clients, deadlines, meetings, finance, constant communication.
Just from my limited observations of Digital Glue at work.

A successful designer is not just someone who can produce great creative work, but who can channel that creative ability into generating revenue, which I would dare say is the most critical skill for any creative career and one that is lacking in most creative arts education.

In working alongside the Design team and independently, I’ve expanded Digital Glue’s own branding and promotional media, producing a range of printed material for use in advertising and sourcing work from potential clients, as well as working on a variety of live projects for existing clients on the go that has kept me busy with a diverse mixture of design challenges

I’ve definitely enjoyed my time here and have built a sizeable collection of work for my own growing portfolio. It’s clear to me that Digital Glue genuinely care about the clients they work with which has been a refreshing experience and I wish them all the best for their promising future and would recommend the same work experience placement to any students that may have the opportunity.

Where is your next breakthrough coming from?

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