What Are The Marketing Trends of 2024?

One minute it’s TikTok, the next it’s Threads. The marketing world is constantly evolving and while we love the constant ebbs and flows, it can be easy to blink and miss. To ensure you’re ahead of the curve this year, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key marketing trends you should be taking advantage of in 2024.

Social Media Trends 2024

LinkedIn is getting personal.

2023 changed the way we use LinkedIn and this is likely to continue into 2024 with savvy marketing millennials using and owning the platform. Content will become more personal than ever as younger users migrate to the professional network.

TikTok shop is on the rise.

TikTok shop is expected to become a social commerce giant as it hopes to venture into Europe. There is no current competitor to rival the social platform and in-app purchases are encouraged.

The future is User Generated Content (UGC).

UGC will be more favoured by brands in 2024 for usage rights and ad content over traditional influencer marketing.

Threads is a force to be reckoned with.

When Threads first launched, it quickly grew in popularity as a less controversial alternative to X. Once the initial hype waned and people realised they couldn’t escape Threads’ clutches without deleting their Instagram accounts, Threads popularity dwindled. However, it looks like it’s back on the rise for 2024 with Meta fixing many of the issues and increasing the app’s visibility on Instagram and Facebook.


Content Marketing Trends 2024

AI won’t do everything (Though it can do a lot).

We’ve all seen something clearly produced by AI. While it saves time, it’s not always done right. In the content marketing world, AI-produced content can be unreliable, out-of-date, not written in the correct TOV and completely distanced from the original brief. 2024 will see marketers using AI for support, but human-written content will still lead the way.

Video is the way forward.

Our attention spans have slowly been broken down meaning people want their information fast and oftentimes, with minimal effort (how many of you have skim-read this blog?). As a result, video content will reign supreme, both on websites and on social media. Just be careful to not over do it and not neglect written content, which will always win when it comes to SEO.

Digital Marketing Trends 2024

Work with AI, not against it.

Sorry to hit you with the harsh truth but AI is here to stay. As a result, it’s going to be even more intertwined into day-to-day marketing activities. Ultimately this means that marketers need to learn how to work with AI. AI won’t take your job, but someone with AI skills might.

And speaking of AI, in 2024 Google Ads will have even more AI-powered features, with even more sophisticated automated bid strategies, advanced audience targeting, and semi-autonomous ad creation.

As for SEO trends of 2024, Google’s AI-powered search engine, Search Generative Experience (SGE), will provide users a more comprehensive experience, with more useful and relevant information and a conversation mode


If you want to get ahead of your competitors, the key is to make sure your brand is moving with the tides. If you need a hand implementing any of 2024’s marketing trends, get in touch with the team at Digital Glue and we can help get your brand noticed!

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