What are the Different Brand Design Agencies in Birmingham and Which Are Better?

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Your brand identity is what conveys your message to your audience. How many times have you seen a cheap, outdated or unprofessional logo and let that dictate your opinion of the company? Probably, more than you’d care to admit. Or how often have you visited a website where the brand colours and imagery just don’t resonate with the product and its audience? 

Things like these instantly put off potential customers and create a sense of distrust and lack of understanding – both of which are  key to nurturing and connecting with your audience. However, working with a reputable brand design agency can easily fix these issues, and create a brand identity that reflects your business.

A good brand design agency will work with you to understand what your business needs and who your ideal audience is, and will then create a logo, colour palette and relevant imagery that reflect these. This means you’ll never get someone going to your website and finding themselves confused and alienated.

To help you on your search for an agency, we’ve taken a look at the best and worst rated in Birmingham.

Which Are The Highest Rated Agencies For Brand Identity And Design In Birmingham?

Here are some (not all!) of the highest rated brand design agencies in Birmingham.


Google rating: 5.0

Big Cat Limited

Google rating: 5.0

Plan B Creative Limited

Google rating: 5.0

Which Are The Lowest Rated Agencies For Brand Design In Birmingham?

Marketing Makeovers

Google rating: 1


Google rating: 3.8

Note: Google ratings are subject to change and are accurate upon publication.

Are Google Ratings Everything?

The short answer? No!

While Google reviews can give you a good indication of how reliable an agency is to work with, they aren’t the be all and end all. It’s important to consider other factors, too!

First of all, an agency might have a high rating, but this might be the result of only a few reviews. On the flipside, a brand design agency with a lower rating might have 100 positive ratings and a few bad ones that drag it down. Would you really trust one person’s opinion over 100? 

There Are Other Things to Consider…

Google reviews are great at giving you an overview, but picking a brand design agency isn’t something you want to do after 5 minutes of scrolling. Instead, dig a little deeper and save yourself some time in the long run by picking the perfect agency from the get go.

Case Studies

Unlike reviews, case studies give you a front row seat at the kind of work you can expect from an agency. They help you understand and visualise the challenge faced by the customer, how the agency resolved it, what the outcome looked like, and how the customer found the process. A good range of case studies is living proof that an agency is worth at least an enquiry email.

Portfolio of Work

Case studies won’t cover every customer an agency has or is working with, but a reputable agency should be able to provide a portfolio of work or examples of what you’re looking for on demand. This will give you a clear indication of whether it’s the agency for you.

Services Offered

You’re looking for a brand design agency, but perhaps you need a bit of copy writing to ensure your brand colours and logos match your tone of voice. Or perhaps you need help understanding who your audience is so that your brand design work resonates with them? A professional law-firm will likely not want branding in the same style to a new gym wear startup. Look for an agency that offers a variety of different services, you never know when you might need them – and even if you don’t, agencies that offer more services will have a broader expanse of knowledge. 

Level of Involvement

Do you want an agency that offers regular check-ins, emails and reporting so you know exactly where your money is going? Or are you putting your trust in an agency to get the job done and leaving them to it? While this is entirely personal preference, some agencies will almost feel like part of the team, and this extra communication will naturally lead to a better outcome – both in terms of work and relationship. At Digital Glue, we prefer an open, honest and frequent approach to communication so you can ensure you’re getting the services you need, and prevent any issues that might pop up along the way.


Digital Glue is a full-service agency in Birmingham that offers brand design work, as well as content marketing, social media, web development, SEO and much more. Get in touch with us today to see how we can nail your branding.

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