What are the Costs of Case Study Writing Services in Birmingham?

Case study writing services birmingham

You have a great product or service and a bunch of happy clients, but when potential customers click on your website, they find zero evidence. You can hark on about the success of your business, but the best way to capture new customers is through showing, not telling. Enter case studies.

A case study is an unbiased, data-driven piece of content that sits on your website. It tells people who you worked with, what their challenge was, what results you gleaned and how the customer felt about it.

To ensure your case study really drives home how amazing your work is, as a Birmingham-based business, you’ll likely be enlisting the skills of a reputable local copywriting agency (you can take a look at some we’ve found here). It’s just as important to understand the costs that go into case studies as who you’ll be working with, so we’ve broken down the costs involved with case study writing services in Birmingham. 

What Goes Into the Cost of Case Study Services?

Length of project

There are different ways to go with a case study. For instance, it might be a larger, eBook style piece of content if you have a longstanding relationship or if it was a particularly momentous piece of work. On the other hand, it might be a short-form piece that sits on the website similarly to a blog. Both have benefits, and both come with different price points.


For case studies, customer involvement is a must in order to substantiate what you’re saying. In some cases, you might prefer to talk to the customer directly, and pass on the information to the agency to write up. This takes less time and therefore equate to a higher cost. However, if you want to get more bang for your buck, you might want to let the agency interview the client directly. This will help them get to know the project and have a better understanding of the outcome and successes.

Project duration

Cost is affected by whether it’s a one-off project, or a recurring piece of work. Generally speaking, case studies are at their best when they are a regular part of your marketing efforts, as it shows a broader array of results. This ultimately proves your business success even further.


You will also need to think about what design needs to go alongside your case study. In order to pack a punch, graphics and design work should accompany your case study.

What are the Costs of Case Study Services in Birmingham?

Lower-cost options: £200 – £400

This typically involves you providing the information and the agency writing it up.

Mid-level cost options £400 – £600

This typically involves the agency doing the research, write up and design.

High-level cost options £600 – £1,000

This  involves the agency doing the research, design and write up at a larger scale.

Why Should I Use a Local Content Writing Agency?

Using a Birmingham-based marketing agency for case study writing has multiple benefits. Agencies bring a professional touch, leveraging skilled writers with marketing expertise to craft compelling narratives that highlight your products or services effectively. They can conduct in-depth research, ensuring accurate and persuasive content. Marketing agencies also understand the importance of aligning case studies with your overall brand strategy and messaging. With their experience, they know how to showcase success stories, making them resonate with your target audience. Outsourcing case study writing to a marketing agency allows you to tap into specialised skills, save time, and receive polished, results-driven content for your marketing efforts.

Digital Glue is a Birmingham-based agency – just take a look at some of the work we’ve achieved. Get in touch today if you’re ready to get noticed by your audience.

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