What Are the Challenges of Printed PR?

Your PR agency has just got your new tech product a great bit of coverage in the mainstream media. Ideal. But it’s only going to be in print.

Is this an issue?

In days gone by, newspaper coverage  was a big deal. It still is, but in 2024, where every interaction is measured, it can present its challenges.


Read on as we outline exactly what these challenges are. Most importantly, we tell you how to overcome them.

What are the challenges of printed PR

What Are the Problems With Print PR?

Limited Reach

Print publications have a finite circulation, which may limit the audience reached compared to digital channels with potentially global reach. Papers that are printed daily are only available for a minimal amount of time, unlike digital features which exist forever.

Longer Lead Times

Print media often have longer lead times, meaning stories may take weeks or months to be published. This makes it challenging for brands to stay timely and relevant.


Once printed, content cannot be easily updated or modified. This poses a challenge if there are errors or changes to messaging.

Measuring Success

Tracking the effectiveness of print PR efforts can be more challenging than digital, as it’s harder to measure readership and engagement accurately.

Web Traffic

Digital PR can support your overall SEO strategy with direct links to your website and products. This is obviously not possible with printed PR, so its impact on web traffic is harder to track.

How Can You Tackle These Challenges Head On?

Integrated Approach

Combine print PR efforts with digital channels to amplify reach and engagement. This can include social media and paid advertising. Cross-promote print articles on digital platforms and vice versa.

Targeted Pitches

Research and target print publications that match your brand’s audience and vision. This means you know their readers are going to respond to your coverage.

Compelling Content

Create high-quality, engaging content that resonates with print readers. Well-crafted stories, visually appealing graphics, and captivating headlines can capture attention in print media. Lead with data and stats that are unique to your company.

Relationship Building

Build relationships with journalists and editors in print media outlets to increase the likelihood of coverage and secure placement in relevant publications. Consistent coverage in respected publications builds trust with your ideal audience.

Monitor and Adapt

Continuously monitor print coverage and adjust strategies based on insights and feedback. Analyse readership data when available and iterate on future PR campaigns accordingly.

How to Make Printed PR Work For Your Company?

The power of PR lies in how it builds credibility. It’s a tool that can make your ideal client trust you. It is a way to share your story, share your unique insights, and pave the way for organic sales. At the end of it all, that’s what really matters.

Good PR is consistent. It gets your tech product in front of the right eyes and keeps attention on your brand.


Printed PR should be one cog in a bigger machine. Use it as a tool along with digital PR, digital marketing, and SEO for a multi-faceted approach to bring the right people to your website.

Picking the right agency is crucial to make sure your brand’s voice really hits the mark. Consider these factors:

  • Case studies: Dive into their previous work to gauge their success stories.
  • Track record: A proven track record speaks volumes about an agency’s competence.
  • Reporting: Transparent reporting keeps you in the loop, offering insights into campaign performance.
  • Level of involvement: Find an agency willing to understand your brand, ensuring a collaborative effort. 

For actionable advice and a personal touch, tap into the awesome PR skills of Digital Glue.


Digital Glue is a Birmingham-based PR agency – just take a look at some of the work we’ve achieved. Get in touch today if you’re ready to get your brand’s name seen in the press, and we’ll ensure you make an impact.

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