What Are the Best Birmingham-Based Agencies for Google ads?

While many search engines have come and gone, (Ask Jeeves, anyone?) Google has continued to reign supreme when it comes to finding out literally anything.

So, naturally, if you want to get your brand noticed, Google ads are the way to go. They can dramatically increase your visibility and get your product right in front of your target audience.

However, creating an effective Google ads campaign is not a simple fix. It requires skill and experience to ensure the campaign is profitable, and your best chance is to go through the experts – in other words, a specialist agency. If you’re looking for a Birmingham marketing agency to arrange your Google ads, look no further.

Google ads agency Birmingham

6 of the Best Agencies in Birmingham for Google Ads

Bootcamp Media

Bootcamp Media is a PPC and Google ads agency based in Birmingham. It specialises in market research, competitor research, keyword research and campaign creation.


Opace is an established PPC agency in Birmingham with over 15 years in business. It specialises in crafting highly targeted paid advertising campaigns across a range of platforms. Its services include: Google ads management (formerly AdWords), Microsoft advertising (Bing ads management), eCommerce PPC & Google shopping ads and social media ads management.

Finsbury Media

Finsbury Media offers a full range of PPC advertising and management of Google ads. The agency is certified Google Premiere Partner, with proven results. 

Swof Media

Swof Media is a Birmingham-based agency specialising in Google ads and PPC. It promises to deliver an agency with an excellent track record, unrivalled communication & reporting, and a friendly team who genuinely wants to help.

Telsa Media

Telsa Media offers the amenities of a top Google ads agency in Birmingham that can help you redesign your website into a user-friendly interface for customer retention and conversions. 

Distribute Digital

Birmingham-based PPC agency Distribute Digital, has experience working with a wide range of companies across the UK, tailoring its approach no matter the size.

How do I Find the Right Google Ads Agency?

Before you pick an agency to go with, there are a few things you should consider. 

Expertise and experience – The best way to fully understand whether an agency is the right one for you, is simply by looking at their track record. Any Google ads agency worth its salt will have a portfolio of case studies readily available online. Have a look at what results they’ve achieved, and what clients have said – this will tell you a lot about how an agency works with its clients.

Reporting – A reputable agency will offer a minimum of weekly reports so you have a full overview on exactly what’s going on and how your Google ads are performing and effecting sales. Ongoing reporting will also mean that any issues are picked up and rectified without any delay.

Ongoing support – A reliable Google ads agency should offer ongoing support to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure the long-term success of your Google ads campaign. Look for an agency that does more than set up the campaign, but also monitors performance and ensures continuous optimisation.

How Much do Google Ads Cost?

Google ads typically sees UK businesses paying between £0.10 and £20 per click. However, this range can vary widely based on industry competition and targeted keywords. Find out more about PPC costs in our blog.

Ready to start a successful Google ads campaign? We’re a Birmingham-based PPC agency and we can help you. Get in touch today to find out how!

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