How to Drive Engagement With Images on Twitter

Post Updated: 25/08/2022

Did you know that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images? Using images on Twitter is a great way of increasing the interaction between you and your audience, building your brand identity, and creating a profile that people will want to visit and remember.

Here’s how to use images on Twitter effectively to help drive engagement and boost interest in your brand.

Brand it up

The first cardinal sin of social media marketing for your business is poor or inconsistent brand implementation. Using branded headers and display pictures helps to give an impression of authority, as well as keeping your profile looking professional. When users visit your profile, branded images will help confirm to them that they’re visiting your business’s official Twitter page.

Twitter Business Page Management and Image Use

Use the right sizes

Stretched or pixelated images aren’t a good look. Again, images that aren’t properly sized don’t look professional and will cause your audience to either doubt the profile’s authenticity or maybe even the quality of your business’s services. Image sizes and file types should be as follows:

Display pictures

  • Recommended: 400 x 400 pixels (square)
  • Maximum file size: 2 MB.
  • Image types: JPG, GIF or PNG.

Header images

  • Recommended: 1,500 x 500 pixels.
  • Maximum file size: 5 MB.
  • Image types: JPG, GIF or PNG.

Use GIFs

When used properly, GIFs will make your social media ‘go wild’.

GIFs not only demonstrate that your business can be funny and interesting, but that you keep up to date with the latest trends. GIFs are also really shareable, which means they’ll help increase your engagement rates. Plus, GIPHY is integrated with Twitter which makes it super easy to add one to your tweet.

Actively encourage engagement

Using good quality, relevant images will help boost your engagement rates, but what about specifically using images to get your audience to engage with you?

For example, if you were a bakery, you could post two pictures of different pastries and ask your audience which one they fancy with their morning coffee. Or if you were hosting an event, you could get your audience to RT to be entered into a draw for free entry. Think about what ways you can use images to attract your followers and get them to interact with you.

DIY it

Using images can help increase your click-through rate by as much as 18%. But what if you don’t have time to get a designer to make graphics to promote your weekly blog post? You can easily create simple and engaging graphics using services like Canva to help attract people to your posts. It’s really easy to use – the example below took less than 5 minutes to make and there’s lots of customisable templates you can use too.

Use custom images in Twitter to boost engagement

Use images to say more

140 characters isn’t always enough to say what you need to. Using images on Twitter is a great way of saying more without using up your precious character limit. Just as in the above example, adding text to an image is a great way of letting people know more information about what you’re linking to. It’s also a great way to just be more visual You might have noticed Facebook’s new text feature which allows users to add colourful backgrounds to their statuses. Why are they doing this? Well, stats show that we process visuals quicker and easier than straight up text. The move could also help encourage more sharing of original, user-generated content. Infographics are another great way of squeezing more info into a tweet and, even better, they’re designed in a way that’s perfect for sharing!



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