Three PR and marketing trends to look out for in the photography industry in 2020

In a crowded market, standing out is one of the biggest challenges, and brands operating in the photography industry will know this all too well. Whether it’s cameras or lenses, paper or tripods, the choice of brands for photographers is vast. If you’ve been operating in the industry for a long time, how do you survive amongst the increased competition? And if you’re a new brand trying to break into the market, how do you make your voice heard? Based on our experience delivering PR and marketing strategies in the photography industry, here are three trends that brands should be looking out for in 2020.

The ‘right’ type of influencers

Influencer marketing has seen a meteoric rise over the past few years. In fact, the bubble has become so big, experts have suggested it’s close to bursting point. The influencer market has become so over-saturated that consumers have lost trust; many don’t know whether influencers are offering genuine recommendations or simply raving about a product or a service because they’ve been paid to.

We’re now starting to see a lot more brands and influencers (or more likely their managers) getting savvy to this. Brands are selecting to work with influencers that truly represent what they stand for, rather than selecting them simply based on follower count and engagement statistics. Likewise, many influencers are now only collaborating with brands that they genuinely love, rather work with whoever offers them the most cash.

This has certainly been the case in the photography industry, with a rising number of ‘micro-influencers’ who are carefully selecting the brands they work with and creating genuine, engaging content featuring the brand’s products. Don’t select to work with influencers based on follower count alone. Instead, focus on building a network of real photographers who represent your ideal client, and work with them to create content that will engage their dedicated audience.

Reviews have always, and will continue to be, hugely important for brands in the photography industry. With 71% of consumers more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference, brands simply can’t ignore the power of influencer reviews in addition to reviews in more traditional media.

Making the complex understandable

One of the biggest things we help our clients with is making the complex understandable. Many photography consumer brands are built on innovative tech and they want to talk about it, but more often than not, their customers don’t really care. With so much noise, brands need to cut through with messaging that clearly demonstrates the problems they solve, before they get into the technical detail. For photography brands, this message could be as simple as making their customer a better photographer.

We’ve already seen a huge growth in video content over the past few years – a massive 81% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. Video is the ideal medium for making the complex understandable, allowing brands to get across their key messages quickly in an engaging format. For the photography industry, we predict a continued trend in video, due to its ability to show rather than explain. From demonstrating how to set up a new tool to how to perfect a photographic technique, any photography brands that aren’t already creating their own video content need to get on it in 2020.

Watch and shop

Expanding on the overall video trend, 2020 could be the year we start to purchase while we view. Manchester-based social media marketing agency, Social Chain, recently launched shoppable live streams through Facebook, aiming to give brands the chance to provide users with a ‘seamless buyer journey’ to any brand and vertical.

Already a major commerce channel in China and Southeast Asia, Livestream eCommerce is not yet available on Western platforms. However, Social Chain created a workaround using its own proprietary software. It will be fascinating to see the impact this has for consumer brands. For the photography industry, the ability to demonstrate products in action and allow users to purchase them immediately from the video could be a game-changer. It may not be quite ready to go in 2020, but it’s certainly one we’ll be watching out for!

Digital Glue help a number of brands in the photography industry to stand out. For more insights, get in touch with one of our photography industry experts, Greta, at [email protected]

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