The new era of user generated content

User generated content is being utilised more than ever before on Instagram! It is a great and effective way for you to build brand awareness, and to strengthen your online community.

What is user generated content?

It’s defined as content that is created by people (or users), rather than by brands themselves. This content is then utilised by brands to capture consumers attention. It enables consumers to engage with the brand, creating a two-way communication channel.

90% of consumers say that user generated content influences their own buying decision more than any other form of marketing. It has been successful for countless numbers of well known brands such as, Adobe, BMW, Netflix and Starbucks to name a few! 

In this blog, we look at how these well known brands have used user generated content both in the past and present. Showcasing the various ways that your company could utilise user generated content. 


Big brands create hashtags that users can add to their posts in order to be a part of a wider marketing strategy, where they have the chance to be featured on the brands Instagram page; making users feel like they are being heard, with brands sharing posts from users no matter how many followers they have and instead re-gramming based on wholesome content. 

Netflix came up with #StrangerThings2 to promote the new season through the promotion of posts from fans. This campaign allowed them to gain 125,000 new followers in only two weeks, simply by reposting content from fans that related to the show, you guessed it – Stranger Things. 

Adobe created #Adobe_Perspective in order to share work from consumers using Adobe software to create visuals. This is a great way to showcase the work that is possible from its own software, on an online platform.

BMW use the tag #BMWRepost and share posts from fellow BMW owners showcasing their vehicles. This is a brilliant way to show off the loyal fan base that BMW have accumulated, as well as to showcase their latest vehicles to potential customers. 

Starbucks came up with #RedCupContest and release it every December to promote their festive themed beverages in its famous red cups. Out of the four examples showcased in this blog, they are the only brand to offer a prize, of which is a Starbucks gift card. Showing that you don’t always need to offer a reason for users to participate! 

You can also repost content from users that use a hashtag that you would like to relate to, such as the area that you are located in or travel photos, as long as the correct credit is given in the photo.

Showcase your products 

User generated content is great whether you are promoting a new product, or reminding users of previous products that you have released.

Netflix is a great example of a brand that promotes new shows being released by creating a buzz, through user generated content. It allows fans of the show to get involved with the marketing strategy, whilst also giving them a platform to share their thoughts about the show, characters, or just tag those that they think would appreciate the content. 

The user generated content that your company’s Instagram account shares, could even include reviews of consumers using your products or services. This makes your marketing strategy instantly more relatable when someone isn’t paid to have a biased opinion, but instead truly believes in the benefits your company brings to the table. Why stop there? The User Generated Content that you share could include tutorials of how to setup your products and services or tricks of how to use them for different purposes. Remember, people trust people over brands – so use this to your advantage. 

Feed Goals 

Struggling to find images to post on your brands Instagram account to make it flow? User generated content is the answer. Adobe are masters at this, making their feed look aesthetically pleasing using images from followers and crediting them.

Many companies struggle to post regularly on Instagram as they believe they have nothing to post about. However, with Instagram’s algorithm, the more you post the more visible your page becomes, therefore utilise user generated content to overcome this belief. 

Looking for a particular image but can’t recreate it yourself? Want to post something that is trending but are time-bound? Or seen something that represents your brand and would look great on your feed? User generated content is the answer.

To conclude, user generated content could not be more perfect for your marketing strategy. It is proven to increase brand awareness and establish credibility through user to user marketing, reducing the bias created through marketing efforts as shown in the brands discussed in this blog. 

To find out more about utilise user generated content on Instagram, get in touch with our team, or visit our social media page to find out more about how we can help you. 


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