The Great Egg Smash

My husband Javan, is running the London Marathon on 28th April 2019 to raise money for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.  Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice is special to Javan and I because of the way they looked after my whole family when my Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

From the moment Dad was transferred to the hospice, nothing was too hard. Their whole purpose is to make sure patients are made comfortable and believe whatever can be done to help them should be done.  In fact, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice cared for my Dad so well he actually initially started getting better!

This is just one of many examples of how the hospice goes above and beyond.  One evening some friends came to visit Dad.  They said hello and asked Dad if he would like a drink, Dad replied “Gin and Tonic Please.”  The friends looked a bit puzzled but thought well why not, so off they went to the shop over the road and bought a bottle of gin and some tonic.

On returning, while sat enjoying their drinks, a nurse walked in. A quick scramble to hide the evidence ensued.  The nurse asked Dad “What are you drinking?” Dad replied ‘Gin and Tonic’, slightly sheepish looks were exchanged by the friends.  The nurse commented ‘well that isn’t right’ and walked out.  She returned a few minutes later with a glass of ice …

Birmingham St Mary’s hospice has an inpatient unit, a day centre and a hospice at home team. With this team they reach 400 patients a day. Birmingham St Mary’s hospice costs over £8 million a year to run of which more than 50% is generated through fundraising.  Any money we can raise will really help people using the hospice and their families.

However, we aren’t just asking for money! We are offering the chance of a lifetime. Cadburys kindly donated a giant chocolate egg (it weighs 7 stone) to the hospice to help raise money. Javan and I purchased the egg from the hospice and we are now using it to raise more money. We are selling raffle tickets, the lucky winner will be the person who actually gets to smash the egg.

The Great Egg Break will take place at 10.30 on 10th April.  Please come along to watch.  Once the egg is smashed there will be an opportunity for people to purchase some of the chocolate for a donation to Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

You can make a donation to be entered into the raffle here:

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