Team DG – Our Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity Challenge

Team DG’s 500 Miles Challenge for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

Digital Glue wanted to be a bit more active through December so we decided to merge exercise and raising money for charity to get us up and off our sofas! What better motivation is there than raising money for charity.

Drew Wrapped Up Walking in the Snow

What was the charity challenge? 

We set out to walk 500 miles (and possibly more) in the month of December to raise money for our chosen charity, Birmingham Children’s Hospital. For every mile we walked, Digital Glue donated £1 to our chosen charity and between the 25th to 31st this was doubled with £2 being donated for each mile.

The team could walk, run, cycle or use any other way of getting around as long as there was no motor involved in the transport.

We chose Birmingham Children’s Hospital as our charity for this month’s challenge through a vote. We believed it was important for the team to have a say in which charity we should raise money for to help motivation.

What is our chosen charity about?

Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital provides a vital service to many sick children. The charity helps those children and their families have a better experience by providing some of the little extras that make the hospital seem less scary.

How much did we raise?

In total Team DG managed to raise a whopping £874.00 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital through online donations and our efforts combined! All together as a team we managed to cover 680 miles across the West Midlands with 174 miles completed in the last 6 days of the month.

Who were the top scorers?

This challenge really brought out the team’s competitive side. Not to mention the evident rivalry between Lukasz and Javan to see who could cover the furthest distance. Lukasz came out on top with a bike ride of 48.19km and Javan came out second with a distance of 42.16km when running the equivalent of a marathon.Lukasz BCH Charity Bike RideJavan BCH Charity Marathon Run


Some of the team decided to use this as a way to raise money through leisurely activities rather than bring out their competitive side. For example, this gave Anika an opportunity to track the distance she would be willing to walk for a cookie. Whereas Claire got into the festive spirit and did some jingle bell jogs and school runs in her Santa outfit.

Anika BCH Charity Cookie OutingClaire BCH Charity Santa Run


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