Digital Glue’s PR Tools Glossary

As PR experts, we have to constantly be on the ball with the latest media trends. We use a number of tools to help us research, collaborate, and save time in a fast-moving environment. Here’s a list of some of the PR tools we use. Keep checking back for updates as we discover more!

“Google Analytics for your PR coverage.” It’s simple – connect  your Google Analytics account, paste in your coverage URLs, and this free tool will create the data to help simply demonstrate what traffic your coverage sent to a specific website.

“Consumer insight for PR in the Age of Google.” Answer the Public is a tool to help you understand the questions people have about a certain topic. You can use it to search for questions related to a keyword, find out which questions people are asking from Google, and filter by country, popularity, type of question or preposition. It’s really useful when tailoring content around a specific subject that you may not be too familiar with. And it’s FREE!

  • Buzzsumo

    BuzzSumo helps you discover content that your audience wants to engage with and identifies influencers to reach out to. Packages start at $99/month, but it’s a useful tool for finding out what sort of articles media think are worthwhile.

  • Coverage Book

    One of our favourite PR tools from the ‘Answer The…’ team. Coverage Book is simple to use and affordable. You can set up all your PR clients on your account and create ‘coverage books’ for each. Simply copy and paste links in for online clippings, and add PDFs/images for offline clippings. Coverage Book turns your coverage into a presentable piece you can share with your clients.

  • Followerwonk

    Followerwonk can be used in a number of ways, but for PR, its most useful feature is the find function. You can search keywords to find key influencers who would be interested in your client, and filter by location. Try it for free with a Twitter account.

  • Mustr

    It can be difficult to keep track of who in your team has spoke with which journalist, which can result in journalists being contacted multiple times about the same thing by different people. Mustr claims to help you and your team to organise your network of journalists and bloggers. You can send press releases directly from it, add notes about journalists, and share contacts amongst your team.

  • Rapportive

    Rapportive is a free Chrome add-on from LinkedIn. Once you open an email in Gmail when you’ve installed Rapportive, you’ll see the sender’s LinkedIn profile on your sidebar. This is great for connecting with people and seeing where they’re based so you can arrange to meet up.

  • Share Count

    Share Count is a simple, free tool which does what it says on the tin. Simply stick the URL of your coverage into Share Count and it will analyse where and how many times it’s been shared online.

  • Share Tally

    Like the above, but more detailed. We’d recommend Tally over Count.

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