Our pick of the best 2023 marketing campaigns

As a full service marketing agency, we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to keeping tabs on the biggest and best marketing campaigns around.

We love celebrating and showcasing all those creative, game-changing and, at times, crazily ingenious marketing tactics, delivered by brands the world over.


With that in mind, we simply couldn’t resist creating a compilation of our favourite campaigns from the last 12 months:

Top pick #1: McDonald’s ‘Raise Your Arches’

An Edgar Wright choreographed advert? Subtle colour coding and undeniable branding? Yes it has our vote! McDonald’s cemented their place in the hearts of the nation with a slick video campaign. The genius here was the instant relatability of the video.

The success was so great that McDonald’s commissioned a road trip style summer followup and even a Christmas edition of the feel-good campaign.

Why it’s got our vote: The colour coding of the brand was inspired, and the catchy campaign title allowed the video to make a splash on socials. Even non-eaters couldn’t help but get swept up in this campaign.

Top pick #2: Barbie 

Our pick of the best 2023 marketing campaigns

If you missed this campaign, you must have been living underneath a rock. The world turned pink last year in celebration of the Hollywood spectacular that was Barbie. Pretty impressive for a brand that had seen record sales slumps in the years leading up to the movie release.

A star-studded cast with a killer playlist dominated pop culture in 2023. It was supported by an expansive (and expensive!) marketing campaign. The polished output sparked an outpouring of user-generated content shared widely across socials, including (but not limited to) Barbenheimer: the pop culture moment of the year. 

Why it’s got our vote: Barbie’s marketing team leveraged nostalgia, brand partnerships, user-generated content, and of course the colour pink. This resulted in huge box office success, heaps of awards, and even a sales bounce back for Mattel.

Top pick #3: Dunkin Donuts x Ben Affleck  

Dunkin Donuts gave us a masterclass in how to capitalise on meme culture in their first ever Superbowl ad. Given the actor’s Massachusetts roots and his frequent appearances savouring Dunkin’ coffee, the move to make him an official spokesperson was a natural fit. The Super Bowl spot marked the start of a series of Dunkin’ Donuts ads featuring Affleck, showcasing a perfect blend of brand synergy and a celebrity endorsement that just clicks.

Why it’s got our vote: We love a good partnership, and this was a great example of how the right influencer endorsement can level up your marketing campaign.

Top pick #4: Patagonia What’s Next?

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Patagonia launched an emotive video campaign. This powerful piece of storytelling draws attention to what the brand has already achieved, and outlines its plans for the future. 

Why it’s got our vote: The brand took the opportunity to empower its purpose over profit purpose. This is a great example of how a brand is more than a colour palette and a logo. It is every interaction between customer and company. Patagonia nails it here.

Top pick #5: Dove #TurnYourBack

Dove took on social media giant TikTok and AI generated beauty filters, encouraging users to literally turn their back on beauty filters. The campaign was so successful it even got a mention at The Oscars. Dove shows how a brand can actively lend their voices to a social campaign in a way that positively impacts their community. Dove has a track record for this and so from a branding perspective there is a brilliant consistency with their wider messaging.


Why it’s got our vote: This campaign is clever because it goes beyond the product, and speaks directly to the audience community. Seeking to connect on an emotional level creates an authentic emotional response from the target audience.

Top pick #6: Heinz Ketchup Fraud 

We all know it happens. Restaurants passing off unbranded ketchup as Heinz. In its first global campaign, Heinz shone a light on its customers, and poked fun at the industry secret of ketchup fraud. You’ve got to love a brand that can poke fun at themselves, and this tongue-in-cheek print campaign is Heinz at their best.

Why it’s got our vote: For the concise copy alone, this is a brilliant campaign. Good marketing provokes an emotional response to a brand. The simplicity of this campaign is what makes it so powerful. In just two sentences, you’re reminded why it always has to be Heinz.


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