Marketing tips for companies in the photography industry

Many industries at this moment in time are struggling due to the Coronavirus. When something like this happens, it starts a domino effect, meaning other industries eventually begin to struggle. One of the industries that has been affected is the photography industry. This has inspired us to share some of our top marketing tips. To help photography companies to be receptive.

With the cancellation of events, the introduction of social distancing and the government’s intervention, many are finding themselves with a huge loss of income and demand, which will have an immediate effect on the entire photography industry. Companies in this industry need to be aware of the effect this may have on businesses and what they can do to ensure customers stick by them during this time.

We’ve collated some top advice for companies within the photography industry, on what they should be doing at a time like this, and how it can be used as an opportunity.

Content is king

Creating content is vital if you want to ensure your community sticks with you at a time like this. It’s important to stay relevant and show the value you offer to your consumers so they’re still there at the end of this. Photographers will be at their workstations, not out on shoots, and will most likely be looking to improve their skills through training and other forms of information gathering, and you can be the one to offer this.

Ensure your content is up to date at a time like this. You shouldn’t be sharing older content on your social channels if it’s not relevant to the modern day. Sharing or creating a blog highlighting the best places in the UK to go for a shoot will lose you followers. Try creating new content that gives your followers genuine advice and teachings at the present time. Tutorials, how-tos and informative videos can be extremely beneficial. You could also look at starting weekly competitions to create more of a community over your social channels.

Sign up ambassadors to create content for you

Maybe you don’t have the capabilities at present to create content? Or maybe you want to have more variety to your content? Why not sign photographers up as ambassadors and get them to write and produce content for you? After all, information coming from a fellow photographer holds more weight to the reader.

By signing up ambassadors, you could get them to create content for you in exchange for free use of your products, or sometimes a small cash fee. In the current market, more photographers would be keen to work with companies, as freelance work might be harder to comeby.

You could also look at signing up ambassadors who already have an online standing themselves (influencers) so their following are introduced to your brand and your community. YouTubers are really good to sign up as ambassadors as they can virtually create their own content, featuring your brand in some way.

Run online workshops

Running online workshops is a great way to interact with photographers and keep them engaged with your brand. It’s also a great way to advertise that you’re still operating during this crisis by giving valued advice.

This is also a great way to promote your brand in a positive light. Giving away these online workshops for free during a crisis is good PR and can really help give your brand a positive image. You can also refer back to ambassadors at a time like this and allow them to conduct the workshops using your platform.

Be smart about your deals

Photographers are going to be watching their pennies at the moment and are unlikely to make big investments in new products. It’s crucial you remain sensitive and understanding of your customers’ situation, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a huge hit on your sales. If possible, consider offering discounts on tools that will be useful to photographers at the moment, such as screen calibrators and printers. Another option is offering ‘pay later’ or ‘pay in instalment’ schemes. This keeps income coming in for you, while also helping your customers out with the management of their finances.

If you offer subscription services to your customers, it might be worth offering a few months free. This will encourage people to sign up and use your subscription, to see if they like it whilst they have time on their hands.

Lastly, remember that consumers are watching

One thing that Coronavirus has brought about is feel good stories. Everyday we see how businesses have been responding with positive measures . On the other side of this, we’re seeing how certain businesses are treating their staff poorly.

Consumers are watching this. This is why it’s vital that you’re receiving positive PR for your brand. Remember, after this is over, consumers across all industries will flock to the brands that looked after their own. It’s also important to realise that PR matters at a time like this. So make sure that you’re doing your utmost to look after your team and your brand.

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