Leila’s Work Experience at Digital Glue

At the end of January, BCU student Leila, joined our team for some work experience here at Digital Glue.
Currently studying Fashion Business and Promotion, Leila has developed a strong interest in Marketing and PR.
For her placement, she was taken under the wing of our latest team member, PR Account Director, Nikki.
The following blog will be a reflection of Leila’s time here at DG.

Why Digital Glue?

As a third-year student, I am constantly looking for any opportunities ahead of my graduation this Summer. Digital Glue caught my eye after a job advertisement I had seen advertised on LinkedIn. After looking into the company some more, I had to get in touch to see if they had any openings for students in terms of part-time roles/internships. I thought that it looked like a great company to work for as it has a great set of values but also looks like a vibrant and fun place to work.

First impressions of Digital Glue

As with any first day, I was a little nervous arriving at the office. Upon arrival, I met with Greta whom I had arranged my placement with, she offered me the first of many cups of tea and introduced me to Nikki who would be looking after me throughout my internship. It was extremely easy to settle in as everybody was so welcoming.

The office is really laid back with a lovely sociable atmosphere. After I had met everybody, Nikki had arranged a meeting with the rest of the PR team. They talked a little more about the company and gave me some details about the key clients I would be helping with.

My experience

I worked on several jobs during my time, including a few different blog write-ups. I love writing so I quite enjoyed this task. However, it was weird writing on behalf of several different companies as each one has a completely different style of writing/tone of voice. Digital Glue has a wide variety of clients from the investment sector to photography brands. Each client approaches blog posts differently but it was definitely interesting and beneficial learning how to adapt.

As I come from a creative background, I love the ideation process of PR. Another aspect of my placement that I enjoyed was the brainstorming ideas for our clients coming up with fun and innovative ways to promote their companies.

One thing that really stood out to me whilst I was working at Digital Glue, was how keen they were to make sure I was learning. Nikki would sit down and talk through my day and the different tasks I took out. With 12 years of experience in the industry, I find her so interesting to talk to as she has a lot of good advice that I know will help me in my career as well as my final term of studies.

Reflection of my week

Overall, my time at Digital Glue has been a wonderful experience, I couldn’t speak highly enough of the company and all of the team members. I felt that each member of staff was happy to help if I ever needed it and made me feel really comfortable straight away. I have learnt so much about my writing skills and the industry in general thanks to the team taking the time to teach me and help me improve. Thank you all!

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