In defence of print

The Independent is the first national newspaper to announce it will close its print editions and move to a digital-only platform in March 2016. Whilst many smaller publications have struggled and closed their print editions over the past decade, the closure of one of the nation’s biggest newspapers is somewhat more shocking.

Print’s relevance is something that has been debated for a number of years. For today’s marketers, online advertising is often the first choice; it has the capacity to reach more people globally, is perceived as more cost effective, and can be more specifically targeted to a chosen audience.

At Digital Glue, it’s our firm belief that print is still significant in marketing. We recommend a combination of print and digital marketing to a number of our clients – from restaurants to law firms. How can your business make the most of print, and combine it with your digital marketing?


To have and to hold

We’re exposed to online content every day, so to have something physical such as a brochure, can be somewhat of a novelty for customers. Print appeals more to our senses; we can feel it, smell the paper, and see the quality. These days, print gets us more excited than ever, due to the saturation of digital advertisements through pop-ups, social media, blogs and websites.

Printed material can act as a balance to these digital elements, taking customers back to something familiar and more tangible. Research has shown seeing print material that complements the digital makes a brand more memorable.


Real time feedback

One issue that many point out with print is that you have no immediate feedback from customers from it, if any feedback at all. However, if you combine print with digital, this simply isn’t true. By creating visually exciting print material, your business will encourage customers to start conversations about you online.

Coca-Cola proved this with their Christmas marketing campaign, allowing customers to turn bottle labels into festive bows. This not only boosted sales, but also generated a high level of interest and engagement on social media.

You can even take this combination of print and digital a step further by including QR codes on printed material. Your customers can then simply scan the code with their smartphone and be directed to your website or app. This is also a good way of tracking how many people are engaging with your printed material.


Offer exclusivity

Print has an air of exclusivity about it that the internet can’t quite compete with. Direct mail, in particular, is a sure-fire way of making customers feel special. Send customers special offer flyers or exclusive information that they would not be able to access online. You can still combine the online, however, by including a code they can use on your website to access extra content or get money off products.

Print goes beyond paper

Print media can include magnets, stickers, pens, keyrings, coasters, or even T-shirts. Think bigger than brochures or flyers. Your audience is more likely to hold on to a pen for longer than a flyer, helping to build your brand familiarity and create a stronger impression with your audience.


Reconsidering the importance of print in your marketing strategy? Our team of creative designers ensure your print is great to look at and wonderful to hold. Get in touch to find out what we could do for your business.




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